Emerging marketing trends that marketers should not ignore!

Marketers are flooded with new technologies and channels, and attention spans appear to be shortening. This blog is for marketers at any size organisation who are interested in learning more about any or all of these technologies.

The blog’s main goal is to help readers understand how these technologies apply to marketing, why marketers should care, what the benefits are, and what challenges to avoid. That may appear to be a lot, but it will all be handled. 

We’ll go over the 6 most important digital marketing trends you can’t afford to ignore, as they’ll help your company not just survive, but thrive in this age of constant marketing changes. 

🤖 Chatbots: 

Many customers prefer interacting with chatbots because they are available 24 hours a day, respond quickly, and recall their entire purchase history accurately. These virtual assistants provide excellent customer service by anticipating and automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

  • Juniper Research predicts that eCommerce transactions via chatbots will reach $112 billion by 2023.
  • By 2024, Insider Intelligence predicts that consumer retail spending via chatbots worldwide will reach $142 billion — up from just $2.8 billion in 2019.

🎙️ Voice Search:

The growing popularity of voice search has prompted businesses to reconsider their digital marketing strategies. Consider the following if you’re still on the fence about voice search:

  • 58 percent of consumers use voice search to find local business information.
  • Voice search is used by 40% of adults daily.
  • Every month, 1 billion voice searches are performed.

For search engine users, voice search already plays a critical role in providing relevant information. Google Assistant has one million actions, and Alexa has over 100,000 skills, which are functions that allow their voice assistants to respond to user commands and queries very specifically.

👨‍💻📹 Augmented Reality: 

Although virtual reality (VR) tickles everyone’s interest with grand sci-fi concepts, marketers have found that augmented reality (AR) is more practical. Consumer and enterprise AR global head-worn revenue will grow from $1.6 billion to nearly $18 billion, according to ARtillery’s forecast report.

Although the focus is more on taking photos than augmented reality, Facebook’s long-awaited smart glasses have been unveiled, and it’s the start of what could be a game-changing venture.

IKEA, for example, has launched its own augmented reality app. Their IKEA Place app allows users to “test drive” IKEA furniture by taking a picture of a room in their home with a smartphone camera (currently only iOS 11.0.1). Users can move the furniture around to see how it looks from various perspectives.

As AR improves, we will see a significant increase in brands finding beneficial applications for the technology in the future.

📊 Green Marketing:

Green marketing, often known as “eco-marketing” or “environmental marketing,” is the process of creating and promoting products based on their actual or perceived environmental sustainability.

Green marketing is just one facet of a larger push toward more environmentally friendly production processes, which includes:

  • Recycled and/or recyclable materials are used.
  • Utilization of renewable resources
  • Reducing the amount of packing used

According to a report by NielsenIQ:

  • Consumers paid $128.5 billion on environmentally friendly fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • 90% of Millennials said they would be willing to pay more for products made with sustainable or environmentally friendly materials.

📰 IoT Advertising:

Over the last decade, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) has generated a lot of buzzes. Let’s quickly define it to grasp its marketing potential:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects that are connected to each other and to the Internet, ranging from smart cars to household appliances to wearable technology. The connected devices in this network can simultaneously acquire, communicate, and analyze the information as well as take action.

The possibilities for IoT advertising are only beginning to emerge, and they have the potential to disrupt business in ways we can’t anticipate. The only issue that remains is privacy. Given the vast amount of data collected by IoT devices, marketers will need to use it in ways that are both relevant and respectful of the privacy of users.

📣 Digital Marketing Using Blockchain:

Blockchain is more than merely Bitcoin, and it will have a major impact across various industries, not only in the cryptocurrency industry. Digital marketing is one of the primary sectors where blockchain is expanding. 

So how does blockchain marketing differ from marketing as we know it today?

  • Blockchain Knock Out the Middleman in Digital Marketing
  • Constructs Trust With Transparency.
  • Consumers Have Control Over Their Own Information With Blockchain.

While blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrencies, its applications in digital marketing should not be overlooked. Blockchain technology is already being used by businesses to increase transparency and reduce friction, and marketers can take advantage of these tools to acquire more customers for less money.

🎧 Podcast:

Podcasts are a distinctive medium. People who listen to podcasts can connect with hosts in ways that are difficult to imitate on any other platform. People enjoy listening to podcasts, whether they are produced by individuals or businesses. According to One Source, 80 percent of people will listen to the majority of a podcast episode. 

The podcast industry will grow even faster in the coming year, thanks to a plethora of advertising activity and technological changes, which is great news for both content creators and listeners. Marketers will take a more user-friendly strategy, focusing on:

  • Using a single CTA for each episode
  • Providing a summary of the episode’s main points
  • Making it simple to listen to a podcast without signup, download etc features

🎥 Video Content:

Video content is one of the most key marketing trends today, and it is expected to remain so for the next 5-10 years. According to a Biteable Survey:

  • 74% believe video has a higher return on investment than fixed visuals.
  • According to 52%, video marketing helps them build trust with potential customers.
  • Video is used as a marketing tool by 60% of businesses.

Video is a useful channel for repurposing and republishing existing content, or vice versa. On the one hand, this involves converting a piece of content, such as a blog post, into a video!

Change is an inevitable part of the job for anyone working in digital marketing. To gain an advantage over your competitors, you must keep looking ahead and strive to embrace new technologies, tools, and strategies!!

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