4 unbeatable PR Strategies to conquer the battle for Brand Recognition

“ Your brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room.”

                                                                                                 – Jeff Bezos

With the brand combats going around everywhere in the marketing world, public relations or earned media can be an amazing weapon to getting acknowledgement for your small business brand.  With our comprehensive experience, we have observed that the influence of PR has a greater impact than that of conventional advertising. Positive media coverage is deemed to be an autonomous, third-party endorsement for your company.

But you might think if you should even bother trying to get that media coverage, given that some of your opponents may be capable of employing a room full of publicizers. We say you must answer this question as an upright yes. Even if you have limited resources, your brand can stand out from the crowd with the help of strategic public relations. 

We have introduced four great PR strategies you can start with to enhance your brand recognition:

  1. Create brand recognition with a powerful value proposition
  2. Establish trust as a thought leader
  3. Be considerate to journalists
  4. Be a storyteller

Let’s dive into these and find out details:

  • Create brand recognition with a powerful value propositionRelated image

It is necessary for every company to formalize what they have to present in the form of a written mission and vision statements. In the digital era, we may feel these documents are stereotyped but every organization must have a specific vision about what they want to be when they grow, to put up in front of the world.

The documents enable them to answer every difficult question along with the value proposition that they bring to their customers. The organization can start to promote the key messages that they want the public to know about their brand. These are extremely crucial to earned media initiatives for brand recognition.

  •  Establish trust as a thought leaderRelated image

As a marketing expert, we recommend you to engage yourself in the business you embody by self-education, partaking in professional institutions, attending enriching events, and much more. Recognize your target audience and which media types do they prefer to use. Initiate the process of getting yourself known in the market as a specialist worthy of being noticed by the media.

Even small businesses with CEOs that work as their own publicizers can achieve this purpose if they are on top of the news in their business. You need to be aware of the journalists broadcasting essential trends affecting your businesses. And you should willingly reach out to reporters.

A small company can establish its public profile faster when its CEO is quoted in the main media about an industry trend right beside the industry giants. For example, imagine if a startup’s CEO is quoted in an app development article along with Microsoft or Apple’s experts. This will surely elevate their profile. Not just that, using PR strategies to promulgate an article under the CEO’s byline can boost the company’s profile. But being the mayfly will just have a little impact on building your brand. However, you can enjoy the media attention by hiring someone to hit the PR pavement regularly.

  • Be considerate to journalists

The journalists receive thousands of pitches and story suggestions each day. Answer promptly to their requirements, if a reporter is drawn to a story you have proposed. You can either conduct an interview or render the required information.

You must aim to be identified as a media-friendly company that knows journalists now are under immense pressure to complete their duties due to notable lessening of media resources thanks to the collapse of print media.

If you are certain that the story will prove advantageous for your business and your image, you must make it easily accessible for the reporters to cover. Target your pitches to the appropriate connection at the appropriate media channel. Having good relationships with the media can help you to improve the PR strategies in the long run.

And to convince you more, here are some statistics related to Journalists:

  • 75 % of journalists feel that less than a quarter of the pitches they get are suitable or useful.
  • 65 % would preferably receive customized press releases according to product, industry, or theme.
  • 42 % of journalists prepare for forthcoming stories in just one day in advance.

If you wish to be a good partner to the journalists, you need to focus on being consistent and targeted with your outreach. Do your research and deliver clear and concise pitches. Try to provide fresh info backed up with relevant data, images and sources. Understand who your target audience is and how can you reach them!

  • Be a StorytellerImage result for Be a Storyteller

Reporters always welcome engaging stories. And every business has some great stories to share which everyone can connect with. We suggest you think about your customers and find opportunities to tell stories that focus on your brand.

Try to add value to the user’s life whenever possible either through an article that is trending or on issues and tips relevant to your business. Sponsorship of community ventures can also be a low-cost alternative for connecting your brand to critical local issues. These events can draw in positive PR for your brand.

We all know that successful public relations programs are seldom overnight sensations. It takes commitment to PR for a long time that can enrich marketing initiatives that lead to enhanced brand recognition.


All of it seems interesting, isn’t it?

Does accessing the media confuse you? Well, Thrillax can help you to outreach most relevant media and your target audience. Connect with us and let the experts design your PR strategies. 


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