7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

A lot of content is created, published and promoted online each second. The customers are becoming more self-directed in their hunt for the answers. The competition to capture your audience’s attention was never so fierce. 

To tackle this scenario, the quality, and strategic SEO is more important than ever for helping you to be the most desirable answer your audiences are searching for. But as seasoned marketers, we know that SEO has evolved tremendously since the early days of keyword-focused content. 

According to the updated data in 2019, there are more than 2 trillion searches happening every year, 3.8 million searches per minute, 228 million searches per hour, and 5.6 billion searches per day and 63000 searches per second. Impressive, right? But with these searches finding the perfect balance between user-centric content and pursuing search engine crawlers that your content is extremely important.

The Google algorithm updates like Penguin and Panda combat link spam and poor content quality. Another algorithm Pigeon focuses on local results, and new machine learning technology like RankBrain strengthens the main algorithm’s accuracy. Google also has some mobile updates to reward the websites which optimize for smartphone users. 

So, on the journey to creating the perfect content for your audience and searches, there are a few mistakes that tend to happen. But the good news is we know how to avoid them!

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

1. Irrelevant or Bad Quality content publishing

Ever thought even after written much content on your website pages why you are not getting good views, leave alone leads? That is because your content is not relevant or of good quality to make Google see you as an expert on a certain topic. There are ways to ‘cheat’ search engine but there is a great risk of having a website de-indexed from search engines entirely.

It is necessary to write original, good quality content and avoid plagiarism and keyword stuffing to increase the content’s readability. Google pays attention to user experiences that come from the unique, in-depth and topic-focused content that the users are actively searching for. 

At Thrillax, we write keeping in mind your interest of users as we understand Google’s mission is to arrange the world’s information and present the best results possible. 

Here is how Google’s report policy violation for content or websites looks like which users can use if there is a policy violation:

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

2. Attempting to rank for the incorrect keywords

Making your website or content rank in Google needs the usage of the right keywords for every page. The biggest mistake people tend to make is optimizing for far too generic keywords. 

For example, if you are a small Jewelry business, instead of going for ‘jewelry’ which has a huge search volume, you should try to come up with something more specific like- engagement rings, necklaces, etc. This is because if you are aiming for a keyword with extremely high search volume, the competition also gets very high. 

We make sure that your business gets located by the keyword in your targeted area by going for long-tail keywords. The longer and specific your keywords are the more are the chances of your website ranking on these keywords and getting more traffic.

Generic search :

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

More specific search:

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

3. Giving a hard time for users to find important content

The most basic blunder in search engine optimization is ignoring how much navigation matters to both customers and search engines equally. 

Well, we believe, while reading our content our users should be able to find information in two to three clicks. The users mostly read content in the ‘F’ pattern. So, to keep them interested, every page should be prominently labeled and accurately formatted so the content is simple to absorb. 

‘Call to Action’ is important to make the goal of the page clear. It should not blend in the page design and stand out to make sure you get maximum clicks.

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

4. Neglecting ‘faster is more sought-after’

Don’t forget, users don’t like to wait! The site speed matters and the faster your website works, the more favor it gets from Google.

We recommend optimizing your images. Large images take extra time to load. Resizing them could help in speeding up the loading time.

Ignoring the users using smartphone devices can be trouble in modern days since Google shifted to mobile-first indexing. If the performance of your website is not good, you can lose your audience. If the users leave quickly, Google takes it as an irrelevant result for customers pushing the website rank to lower.

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

5. Goofing up with Quality Links and or straying with internal links

The quality of external links introduced in content is more influential than their quantity. We make sure linking to relevant, well-ranking websites with trustworthy reputations. It is also beneficial to link back to sites that have linked to you, as this draws back traffic in the future.

Using inefficient anchor texts wastes precious SEO opportunities as it describes the link to the reader and to search bots. Opting for a variety of anchor texts can be a good choice as using the same text repeatedly can be perceived as spam.

When including internal links it’s important to consider the top-performing pages and contemplate placing links to them in your content. This provides them more visibility and creates extra traction. Avoid added irrelevant or unnecessary internal links in the content. 

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

6. Errors with 301 and 302 Redirects

Whenever content is transferred from one URL to another, the search engines automatically count it as a new page with no ranking history. To make sure this does not happen, a 301 redirect or a 302 redirect is created. 

Setting 301/302 is an indispensable task because not redirecting can lead the search engines penalizing for disappearing pages. It would also mean abandoning any established backlinks and authority to the old URLs. This could be one of the most costly mistakes in the SEO environment.

301 forever transfers authority and 302 is considered temporary and it is a sign that the content will return to its original location in the future. A 404 status code is available for events when content is forever removed and will not accessible anywhere else online.

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

7. Neglecting the value of fresh content

You can assume that once a website has many pages of reliable content that appears to convert at a positive rate and there is no need to publish anything new. But Search engines favor domains that regularly publish new content as it’s a sign that the business is active and committed to meeting the customer’s requirements.

Posting new content, or refreshing existing content with the latest information can make the users revisit your website and spend more time on the site. When fresh content is shared through social networks the search algorithms favor them as they are a good estimation of engagement.

7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

Demanding awesome results overnight

Search engine optimization is a continuous process that demands a great time investment and loads of hard work. There is nothing ‘instant’ about it. If you are being offered ‘instant first-page ranking’ – don’t be fooled by such false promises. 7 ways to avoid prime SEO mistakes and improve your web ranking

We believe in achieving results in a stepwise manner. We go with an advertising budget and some earnest influencers promoting the campaign.

‘Good SEO gets better with the passage of time!’

SEO is an indispensable part of any content marketing strategy and it is never finished as algorithms change and new competitors appear all of the time. You should also know that customer behavior changes. To stay on the top, you need to keep improving strategies subsequently.

After reading this blog, do you think you are making the same SEO mistakes? Does it make you consider changing your content strategies? We can discuss them in detail to make your website ranking better.


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