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What makes Batman and Robin comics so special? The fact that one cannot thrive without the other. If your business is Batman, then you ought to find your Robin, i.e. a digital marketing agency that can help you grow and mature. While Batman has the superpowers, it is Robin who helps him unleash them the right way or, gets him to execute the things in the right manner. Akin to Robin being a partner to Batman, your digital marketing agency will be a partner to your business, maneuvering the online presence, and helping you build on your strengths.

However, what makes life difficult for your business is choosing the right partner. We, at Thrillax, believe that choosing a digital marketing agency requires a complete understanding of your marketing goals, and knowing what kind of agency will suit your needs best. Here, we will take you through the tips that should help you get the right agency on-board.

Why digital marketing agency?

Before you begin the hunt, you ought to be clear whether or not you need a digital marketing agency. 90% of all the searches occur on Google’s search engine.

If you are not present online, it will take you time to convert your customers, and get them to acknowledge your presence.

If you have a website but, don’t have a clear online strategy, you might be losing out on the traffic that will convert into customers. According to Brightedge report, 51% of all the website traffic comes from organic search.
The digital marketing agency is one place where you know the factors that Google takes into account when ranking your website, and what is the current algorithm that it has taken into account to perform the organic search ranking. In fact, the digital marketers appear to be experts in this field and will give you the best strategies to incorporate, which will eventually help you win the game of marketing, and take over numerous customers.

Now, let’s go right into how you can choose a good digital marketing agency.

#1 Acknowledge your needs

What do you need a digital marketing agency for? From website development to managing the search engine optimization, there are several services the digital agency would provide. You will need to place a list of needs in front of them. do you want them to improve your rankings or, do you want them to offer you end-to-end digital marketing services? The answer to this question should enable you to describe your needs best. The moment you describe your needs to the agency, they will be able to bring to table ideas that are suited to you, and you give momentum to two-way conversations from there on.

#2 Know how much you can spend

The second aspect that you need to thoroughly understand before you can identify the perfect digital marketing partner is the amount you are willing to spend. The budget also defines the kind of agency you can hire. For identifying the budget, you need to answer three questions- the amount you are willing to spend on marketing, the ROI you expect against the amount you are willing to spend and the goals you aim to achieve with the amount you are ready to spend. This will help you define the budget and then move on to search for the right digital partner.

#3 Identify the marketing goals

Before you begin the hunt for a digital marketing agency, you ought to identify your marketing goals perfectly. What is it that you aim to achieve with the digital marketing strategies? Do you want to increase the visits to your website or, do you aim to improve your brand’s awareness? Online and offline sales could also be a part of your goal. Apart from defining the goals, at this point, you also need to define the KPIs for your marketing intent, just so that you know whether or not you have achieved these goals. When you have a clear and precise number of goals, you will find it easy to communicate with the digital marketing agency, and partner with them for the services you aim to take from them.

#4 Find out how they work

When you look for digital marketing agencies, you should ideally refrain from searching for them on Google. Look for reliable digital marketing agencies via recommendations or sources that you know will point towards the apt agencies. It is important that the place you begin your search for agencies is reliable and trustworthy.

Once you have a list of the digital marketing agencies, you ought to identify how they work. The idea is to know the process, the communication methods, and how they manage to keep you in the loop. Once you know that you can rely on them with the entire project, it becomes easier for you to concentrate on your core tasks.

However, before you ask them about the process, it is important to understand what you expect of them. Do you want them to partner your in-house marketing efforts so that you don’t have to worry about having to spend extra time with the agency? Do you want an agency that has niche expertise or, would you like to work with someone who has a broad approach and has worked in several industries? Are you looking for particular marketing expertise? The answers to all these questions will help you know what your expectations are, and eventually give you an idea into how you wish to work with the agency.

#5 Look into their portfolio

The past work done by the digital marketing agency is very important when you are planning to consider them for the digital marketing services you need. How they managed to complete the work, and what they did to accomplish the work will be known best through their case studies and via talks with the clients who are recommending them. you can check with them, and assess their work as well as their experience and expertise in offering digital marketing solutions. Once you are happy with what you have known about them so far, you can hire their services or partner with them for your digital marketing needs.

#6 Get a sense of their online presence

The digital marketing agency that offers to improve your online presence should have an established online presence. You should make sure to look into the digital marketing solutions that they have devised for their agencies, as well as look into the digital assets they have created for the company. This will help you understand if they are reliable and know how to work for the different niches or not. If their marketing material or digital assets are not up to the mark, then you will get an idea into how they will work for your company.

#7 Ask them about the mode of communication

When hiring a digital marketing agency, there are two things that you need to understand- the point of contact for all the communication, and the means of communication.

First, you need to ask them about the person who will be coordinating regarding the project from the agency. Ask the agency about the credentials of the point of contact as well as the experience of the person. Once you have the point of contact approved, the next question is all about the communication.

The question is how often will the point of contact in concern give you updates of the project? What means of communication can you expect for this communication? Finally, will you get weekly or monthly reports for the project? When these three questions are answered, you will be able to establish the effectiveness and efficiency of the digital marketing agency and their methods. You will also be able to understand whether or not the methods suggested by the agency will work for you.

#8 Opt for transparency across levels

Even when you are outsourcing digital marketing services to another agency, it is your project and your company’s marketing. You have every right to know what is happening, and the reason behind executing a particular aspect of the project. Make sure you ask for transparency across the project at all levels. The agency should clearly state the deliverables in the case of your project along with the timelines. If there are certain purchases the agency is planning on for your project, then make sure you ask them for a reason. Every small and big purchase or decision should be backed by proper reasoning from the agencies so that you can understand the execution and will know what to expect.

Summing up

It was not easy for Batman to choose his Robin; similarly, it is not going to be easy for you to choose your partner digital marketing agency. You will need to think through every aspect of the digital solution that you plan on implementing, your goals and the expertise the digital marketing agency possesses before you can move ahead with the choice.

Well, there are some things that are best left to the agency like the ideation for the digital solutions, the roadmap, and the execution. However, before you leave these important aspects to the agency, you should know that the agency is reliable and that is possible when you follow all the eight tips mentioned here.

Thrillax has been offering reliable digital marketing solutions, partnering with top-notch companies as well as startups for a while now. We have both the expertise and the sharp minds in the digital world that helps us cater to the demands of the client. In fact, very recently Clutch awarded us a place in the top 100 digital marketing agencies across the world.

If you want to pan out your digital marketing strategy across all online channels and improve your online presence, connect with us via email or phone. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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