10 Instagram forecasts to fire-up your strategy

As we bid goodbye to 2019, it is time for the most awaited blog post of the year- the Instagram forecasts for 2020! To get your January kickstarted with a super Instagram strategy, we have got the biggest trends for you to watch for in 2020!

Being the Instagram pros and industry experts, we are here with our top forecasts for 2020

1. Content will have more power than Images

Till now, Instagram used to be all about visuals. Mostly, it consisted of high-quality photography and on-brand images. But in 2020, we can predict the Instagram captions will be the centre of attention. Many influencers all over the globe are sharing lengthy captions on their posts to provide greater insight into their society or to share their experience.

Instagram is now being used as a creative outlet and as a platform to write mini-blogs captions which the audience can connect with immediately. The influencers feel that the combination of longer-form posts, and the ability for others to share those posts on Instagram Stories, helped them grow organically.

Brands can also take advantage of this trend and be benefitted. They can specifically go for talking about the causes that they care for. The longer caption surely impacts the engagement rates but only in a positive way.

According to influencer research by Fohr, the ordinary caption length has doubled after 2016, and those with longer captions received most engagement!

Content will have more power than Images

2. IGTV Will Be All About Series Content

Video is the fate of Instagram and several brands are now creating long-form video content for IGTV to inspire genuine business results.

IGTV is very hypnotic and, thanks to some fresh changes, more intimately connected to Instagram. So it becomes simple to join your Instagram audience with your IGTV content. We are expecting brands to use IGTV as a platform for serial content and allow the users to intentionally browse and select a video to watch and engage.

3. Brands are expected to favour partnerships with Micro-Influencers

Instagram influencer partnerships are till now the most beneficial accomplishing platform for brands to reach new audiences instantly. There is an average of 3.2% engagement rate compared to 1.5% across all social networks. If a brand has a powerful influencer campaign strategy it can be called as a real asset for them to grow on Instagram. We can experience growing brands and businesses investing a huge part of their budgets to influencer marketing.

Talking about the 2020 forecast, we are anticipating much more potent partnerships between brands and micro-influencers!

Here is a look at the graph showing engagement rates on Instagram:

Brands are expected to favour partnerships with Micro-Influencers

4. Authenticity will take the top place for brands and Influencers

Factual content was a significant trend for 2019. In the year 2020, we are expecting it to grow even stronger. We are observing several brands and businesses getting on board and displaying a more honest, real, and weak side to their brand and business.

A high level of authenticity can be useful to build a stronger bond with your audience. When you can display the good with the bad, the struggles along with the victories, your brand will be more relatable to your followers.

5. Collaborations of Brands will boost sales

A new collaboration is in trend and this one will make it huge in 2020. Brands are collaborating with different brands on Instagram to produce quality content that spurs traffic, raises sales and forms a perfect union of brand association for each!

Brand-by-brand collaborations can be called amazingly impressive and can double the organic reach without much money spent. They are also less expensive than digital advertising.

6. AR Filters are definitely here to stay!

We are experiencing a surge in the use of Spark Studio AR’s preset style filters to edit Instagram stories. Now, there is every filter right from fall shades to perfect imitations of VSCO’s most popular presets to suit your mood.

According to our observations, we are predicting that many of the Instagram users will move away from the classic Paris or Oslo filters and begin using more advanced AR-inspired filters in 2020. The brands and influencers are expected to start creating AR filters for their followers making it even more comfortable to reach the trend far and wide. AR filters will also assist people to shop on Instagram.

7. Instagram Shopping will grow even more

Well, right from the shoppable AR filters, to in-app purchases, shopping on Instagram is going to be the biggest business for every brand on the platform. According to the recent statistics, 130 million people tap on the shopping posts every month to learn more about the products.

We believe, Instagram shopping posts will provide a great way to showcase their products and drive more sales for many businesses. And since 2019 has presented the Instagram checkout feature which allows the users to buy the products on Instagram without leaving the app!

8. 2020 brings in more User-Generated content on feeds and stories

User-generated content is an amazing asset for brands and businesses seeking to expand online.
It is a cost-efficient way to distribute high-quality content that creates sales for your brand. It is a social media-like strategy of a word-of-mouth endorsement!

In fact, 55% of consumers patronise user-generated content over any other form of marketing. Thus they are making it a sure-shot method to increase your sales and enhance brand loyalty.

And incorporating UGC into your 2020 strategy is not really complicated. It is just as simple as an influencer tagging a product in an Instagram Stories, or a YouTube beauty tutorial emphasising a brand’s latest collection.

9. Video Content is expected to get an earnest upgrade

2019 has been all about video upgrades which will be moving on to 2020 without the shaky camera work! Videos are going to get a new standard set for videos on Instagram. With various apps like TikTok getting popular, the video editor is easy to use to create wonderful Instagram Stories for your feed! Brands are been observed to take to IGTV and video-first approach which will continue in the new year as well.

10. Brands are expected to optimize on data-driven Content

This is not anything new but we all know the target audience loves personalization and data-driven information. 2020 is going to be all about these two things. This continues to a trending approach on Instagram and brands will take up the data-focused route to reach their followers more and more.

After reading these trends, you must be confused about designing your social media strategy in the year 2020 for your brand. We are here to make these tasks easier for you. Just drop-in at our office and talk to the marketing strategy specialist to offer you the best tailored solutions for your marketing needs.

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