5 Best Practices for 2020 To Enhance Your Content Marketing ROIs

So you’ve invested in content? Tested the waters of the latest content marketing channels? Have I experimented with social media content too? Dablled with video marketing too, and probably that cost you a lot? 

We know the anguish of spending time and money into content, and then not getting any significant returns on all the effort. At Thrillax, we’ve grown from the ground up by learning the ropes of digital marketing, executing all kinds of campaigns, measuring everything, correcting courses, and then perfecting the recipes for success. 

In this post, you will find a distillation of all the content marketing best practices that we swear by, and believe will help you get better ROIs in 2020. 

5 Content Marketing Tips For 2020 That Guarantee Success

  • Set achievable goals

Even though content marketing is a potent tool, you will not be able to achieve much unless your goals are clearly defined.

What would you wish to achieve?

Do you want to –

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Generate more leads
  • Convert leads to sales

Each of these activities requires a finely tuned effort from your end. There is no one size fits all plan and just publishing Facebook posts and YouTube videos with no end goal in sight is not going to do much.

It is essential that before you set out the goals, you carry out an audit of what happened in the past year and if it yielded results.

Try and learn from the past before you plan for the future.

  • Research the buyer persona

How can you send a message if you do not know the person to whom you are sending it? Your conversation with a banker is very different from the one you have with a tennis partner.

In the same way, understand the audience. The first step should be to find who your audience is? What is their gender, education, location, median income, lifestyle aspirations, etc.? Only after you are clear on these points will your marketing team be able to carve out a message that speaks to them.

What type of content was most shared by your target demographic, which keywords worked best? What kind of social media platform proved to be the most suitable are some of the facts that you must know.

To improve the ROI of your content, to ask such questions often, and to re-examine your content marketing plan is imperative.

  • Omnichannel marketing –

An overwhelming number of customers are using multiple channels to engage with a business.

Omnichannel marketing recognizes that the customer may begin their purchase from while browsing social media through a desktop but use another device and a different site actually to complete their purchase.

To be able to satisfy a customer, you have to be in his shoes literally. Is your product optimally placed in search? How easy is it to buy from your business?

You have to continually ask questions like these and smoothen out the wrinkles in the process. The customer should be able to enjoy an integrated, seamless, and timely buying experience.

  • Invest in high-quality content 

Google any topic, and you will find a hundred websites and a thousand bloggers have written about it.

Leave this confusing carousel of regurgitated content because you won’t be able to provide anything of value.

Come up with fresh ideas about how to present your products and services more attractively.

It is necessary to understand that Google has moved away from an exact keyword search to semantic search. Without going into technicalities, the search engine no longer looks for the exact keyword match but at the user intent. It tries to understand the natural language of humans and figure out what the user is looking for.

All of your old content can be repurposed to rank high with semantic search. Definitely, you need to modify the way that the content has been presented, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Just make the content more blended to our daily conversation. 

  • Tell a story

Do not just put information out there. Don’t state the obvious. Consumers are tired of conventional advertising, trying to sell them something.

Instead, you could try to craft a story about your brand. Storytelling creates an interest among buyers that other types of messages do not.

Instead of marketing being an attempt to reach into the buyer’s pocket, let it be about enriching his or her life. Explain how you can make their life a little better, easier, and perhaps more meaningful.

In fact, it has become a much easier task thanks to Snapchat and Instagram that allow you to reach out to millions with images and videos. Don’t sell your product. Instead, gently suggest how it can assist and leave the choice to the buyer.

A Quick Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what you can do to enhance content marketing ROI in 2020. 

A next-level content marketing plan would go above creating content and disseminating it. It would look to engage buyers in a conversation that establishes trust, rapport and allows them to provide you with user-generated content.

User-generated content is much more influential than brand content. Usually, people find it easier to trust their peers than a company.

Also, capitalize on the rise of messaging apps. Use direct messaging function off social media to reach out to those who are willing to listen. Of course, DM is a very personal way of communication, and you have to make sure that the customer is willing to receive an occasional update.

In 2020, create less content but make it useful. Figure out a way to understand how your particular demographic behaves and use a bespoke strategy to reach out to sub-groups within it.

So, What’s Next?

A lot. At Thrillax, we believe that there’s way too much knowledge out there for one agency to claim ‘we know it all.’ The five practices we discussed can be optimized to a great extent, based on how well you understand your target audience, what your business market and industry trends are, and what goals you have for the content campaign. 

Have you conducted any content experiments in the recent past? We’d love to hear at care@thrillax.com how it turned out for you? We also encourage you to start with some of the tips we’ve shared and let us know what results you get. Eager to address your queries, comments, and concerns.

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