Your business most & next action is Digital Marketing, here’s why?

Currently, not only people but most of the industries are suffering from the coronavirus outbreak.

Due to crisis, many B2B/B2C businesses have been shut down for an indefinite period, while others are struggling to do business as possible.

Transforming the entire workforce on digital platforms to market and do business digitally has become a necessity. Now is the time for a virtual revolution for small-scale companies to big corporates. This change has become essential for any business survival.

Companies that have already invested in digital marketing can now benefit from that established network by adopting a proper marketing strategy. But even if you have not invested in digital marketing before the crisis, now is the perfect time to do that for future benefits.

In this modern business environment, you can never predict your future rival. You may get competition from a completely different industry, just as Amazon now dominates the cloud computing market, or Apple dominates the Fintech market. Just don’t let this change in business functionality put you out of business.

Martech strategy to not just survive, but to thrive post-COVID-19

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Portray your “why”

The best approach forward is to invest in your brand and polish its mandate for society to build long-term relationships with customers. Playing a long-term game means investing in your brand loyalty and reputation.

Optimize your website or mobile app and try ‘cause marketing’ through it. By sharing your personal story, showing empathy for your clients, and sharing your positive, innovative mindset, you will create a positive impact on them of your brand. That’s how you build a reputation.

New York Times has made a special section on their websites that are relevant to the crisis available for free.

Air your business live

A lot of people are stuck in their homes, and the usage of social media is booming, so live streaming can be a great opportunity now. It’s just like organizing your virtual news bulletin.

You can now easily set up your channel or virtual market place via a live stream of Instagram or LinkedIn.

For example, Restaurants that are active for takeaways can share the menu of the day in a daily live stream. People can see you preparing a delicious dish in a professional kitchen leaves them with a watery mouth and intense craving.

In the real estate industry, you can organize small digital client meetings and avail them of virtual visits to properties.

Don’t miss out on social

As said, customers are likely to spend more time on social media to stay connected. Use this time wisely to assess your social media activity, and refine the strategy if needed because your social presence will get attention now more than ever.

Look closely at your followers (who they are and the types of content they engage with), your social media message (whether it’s appropriate and relevant for the current times, consistent with your brand, and personalized to encourage connections), your profile (ensure that your company bio is up to date and engaging)

Spend some time researching to get a sense of what topics are trending or what types of posts are getting the most interaction. Pay attention to what your competitors are up to and how their customers are responding.

Make your audience feel special, about certain aspects of your products if you want them to spread the word for you. Some famous examples of such marketing campaigns are Behance, One Plus, and Dropbox. They started just as invite-only services but garnered an ample share of voice through word of mouth.

Focus on your content

It is a great time to evaluate your content across all channels, including collateral, website, pay-per-click, e-mail, etc. to assess what is working, what is not, and what needs to be adjusted, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is typically a good idea to develop a calendar of content for a couple of months at a time, but now conditions are changing too fast to plan that far out. Take a more flexible approach by scheduling content only for a couple of weeks ahead.

If your content has a trigger to push people in sharing it, it definitely works. For example, many people share photographs of the Teacher’s brand of whiskey on Teacher’s day.

Try experiential learning

It is a time to look beyond return on investment (ROI) and focus on return on experience (ROX).

There is an enormous potential to reach a large audience by hosting virtual events. Of course, these are much cheaper than hosting physical events. After a digital event, the audience is alone with their thoughts, so chances are high that they love to discuss it further in a one-on-one meeting.

Post-event, keep your account people on hand and have a short call with some customers. Take feedback from them. It definitely works.

Don’t miss out on SEO

SEO campaign always gives you long term revenue. It is a slow and deliberate process, and it does not pay off immediately. But when it pays off, however, it pays off big for a longer time.

The reason being, Google never shuts down. So, when it starts showcasing your site in the search engine result page, you show up for 24/7 and 365 days.

Right now, it may or may not be the right time for your business to involve in outreach, but it is the perfect time to assess, define, and prepare your digital marketing strategy for what lies on the other side of the crisis.

Remember, the crisis has limited consumers only in physical mobility. So perhaps you are not trading but are still in the business.

If you are still able to sell products then the crisis would lead to an increase in sales, but if you can’t sell the content will help you build a stronger brand reputation.

It is just a matter of being at the top of the list in the minds of your (potential) customers when normalcy returns. Giving them value even when you are closed, strengthens your position in the market. Your business growth and success depend on it.

Of course, this too shall pass. But ask yourself, where will you be when it does?

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