Can Hashtag Trends Help Market Your Blog Content?

In today’s world, Blogging has become universal. Business websites publish Blogs on related topics. A Blog consists of essays and personal interpretations of the author. It may consist of plain text and hyperlinks or be spiced up with photos and videos too.

Now, the main aim of a blog is to provide fitting information to people that search for queries on search engines. Besides this, when someone goes to your blog they are taken to your website where it is published. Which in the process drives traffic to your website. People may also browse through services on your website.

It is an attempt to resolve some questions of the target audience or making them aware of the latest vogues in your field. Even though you are not writing the post for the purpose of promotions, your main objective is to attract readers to your blog posts.

To achieve this, you are going to share the Blog links on social media. Which means you are going to infuse in lots of efforts, time and maybe money.

You will have to heed attention to several factors for such social media marketing. There are two basic elements. Firstly, you will need to think about a bonny description to attract visitors to your blog as well as encourage engagement. In addition to this using eye-catchy images for the outline as visual impressions are impactful.

You will also need some trending social media elements to attract an audience like the Hashtags.

Hashtags help in extending your reach on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn while increasing your followers.

The Hashtag trend was started in 2007 by Chris Messina when he tweeted,”  how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?

invention of Hashtags

The trend was not adopted right away, but it spread like wildfire (in a literal sense) with the #sandiegofire when people tweeted about the horrifying natural calamity in Southern California.

popularity of Hashtags

Ever since that happened, trending Hashtags are being used to group messages and various other content into genres. Starting with Twitter, other social platforms too adopted the style of involuntary hyperlinking of tags starting with the symbol #. Today, the most remarkable utilization of trending Hashtags is done by Instagram. It makes use of Hashtags at a large scale dissimilar to Twitter’s preference of limiting the usage to three-five Hashtags per post.

Why should you use Hashtags?
It may strike your curiosity that how -the use of hashtags can prove beneficial for your business marketing and how it can be imbibed into your marketing strategy?

Here goes the explanation about the wonders these hashtags can do for your business marketing!

Hashtags attested to posts become words or phrases that can be clicked. This will add your post to some popular groups.

Your Hashtags can fall into two categories:
1. Mainstream – to symbolize the type of content
2. Distinctive – to portray the content of the post

Niche Hashtags generate inquisitiveness and can popularize a certain campaign or a product for the company. These can amplify the number of followers. Through appropriate usage of Hashtags, you are making your posts accessible to the audience that is delighted and interested in the subject.

Also, if viewers like what you write, they are more likely to follow you in the hope of getting additional information about similar content. It won’t be a loss even if they do not follow you; at least they will be aware of your business. Moreover, you are also helping the social media platforms in sorting and organizing your post and as a result, helping them to provide your content to people who will value it.

Followable Hashtags are convenient for social media users

Social sites have enabled the feature of Hashtag following just like the following of pages and profiles. With this evolution, you have a higher probability of appearing in the feeds of individuals that follow the Hashtags you have used.

Hashtag follow

The post here uses general hashtags like #FinancialAdvisor #budget and #assets making it the most accessible to people who want to plan their finances as well as other financial advisors that follow these Hashtags.

Whereas this post includes general as well as specific ones.

Unique Hashtag

The use of Hashtags #kyliejenner and #superwoman will grab the attention of Kylie and Superwoman fans along with those who are following #socialmedia and #socialmediamarketing.

After looking at these you must be convinced that using Hashtags is fruitful in marketing your business on social media. Despite that, there are some points you should keep in mind:

1. Do not pursue spamming.

Your content must be relevant to the Hashtag used. You can take the help of the AutoHash application to generate relevant Hashtags automatically. It is a good approach to drive traffic towards your post. But using irrelevant Hashtags just for the sake of publicity can be damaging.


If you do this, you might get reported and your post can be banned or shadowbanned. And all your efforts and hard work will go down the drain.

2. If not used properly there can be shadowbanning through banned Hashtags

Shadowbanning is blocking or partially blocking a user or his content from an online community so that it cannot be readily evident to other users.

This is carried out largely by Instagram and Twitter. It is carried out by other social platforms too, but less frequently. Instagram bans Hashtags that are frequently used and detected to be associated with forbidden content. Some examples of Instagram Hashtag bans are #BikiniBody #HumpDay #WTF.

When you include such Hashtags in your posts, your posts get shadowbanned. Meaning it will not show up in the feed of your followers or users that search for other Hashtags related to your post. As a result, all the efforts and time you spent on the post will be thrown around like confetti all due to that single banned Hashtag!

Beware of this darker side of the Hashtag trend.

3. Use it in proper places

There are two ways to put Hashtags. One can be putting them in a logical construction and within the caption, if they are up to 3 Hashtags for branding purposes or entertainment. That way more users will read it.

appropriate use

This is an apt example. Wherein two famous people and a very popular show is highlighted by the Hashtags.

Another formula would be to put the Hashtags one line below the caption. Hashtags will be hidden under the see more tag and this way, the caption will be highlighted making the content look cleaner.

hidden tag

And on clicking see more, you can have a look at how the Hashtags are placed at the end

clean format

4. Spice up your content

Use unique Hashtags to stand out in the sea of general Hashtags and build a niche of your own.

spice up

The #dreamer and #HappyMonsoon are very common tags but the ‪#‎RelaxAtThrillax‬ is a Hashtag related to a class of posts put up by the Thrillax company.

5. Make use of CamelCase

As the format suggests, CamelCase means capitalizing the first letter of each word in a phrase without putting spaces in between.

capital letters

As you can see, it is very clear that the tag says “Independence day party”. #IndependanceDayParty is far more readable than #independencedayparty. Am I right or am I right?

6. Don’t use the popular Hashtag alone

Popular hashtags will not help your posts to stand out. You will do better if you use a more specific Hashtag along with the general one. As an example, adding #LilHeaven and #ThePartyHouse which is the name and tagline of the establishment.

unique hashtag

This will give higher SEO rank than just using #Cafe which is very generalized.

As gratitude for reading, here are some trending Hashtags you can use:
And popular hashtags for digital marketing are:

Make smart use of Hashtags to increase exposure to your blogs and hence your business too.
Happy hashtagging!

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