How to craft conversation oriented customer experience online?

Posted on Mar 14, 2019 By Krunal Soni

Sam has recently started a consultancy business.

But, he is upset about not getting a proper response from the audience he was targeting.

He is confused and is struggling to achieve the desired growth for his business like every other business owner.

The common goal shared by every business owner cannot be fulfilled without focusing on customer experience.

There are no other means through which businesses can grow more effectively.

Several businesses think of customer experience with just one motive. But it actually offers two excellent outcomes:

1) Customer Retention

2) Customer Acquisition.

Research from Forrester and Adobe states that the businesses that really invest energy and resources into their customer experience generate a 1.7x higher retention rate over businesses that do not.

The reason this works is that if you focus on experience, the customers will automatically stay with you longer and stay loyal to your brand. This will allow them to be benefitted from an increase in their lifetime value (LTV).

Apple is a pure example for the above.

When it comes to customer experience, retention is the benefit that is often talked about. But we believe, the acquisition is the other side of the coin.

The businesses which focus on their customer experience have 1.9x higher return-on-spend than other businesses (Source). 

So, the companies that make the customer experience as the centre point of their business get to keep the customers that they have earned but also attract almost twice the number of customers they otherwise would have attracted.

A lot of customer experience basically is rooted in making things great. So, when things are about enhancing the overall content of your consumer, eradicating difficulties, etc., working to deliver a valuable experience for your customers is a laudable objective.

The constant refinement of the customer experience intensifies the competency of the business and, consequently, your acquisition and retention purposes.

Our expertise and experience say that proficiency seldom stimulates conversations. No one recommends the brands that they do not like. Instead, people recommend the businesses or brands where they are treated well.

The wish to find the most suitable methods and support the leader are impulses and seem great on paper. However, in reality, these methods get you zero customer conversations.

The most trustworthy way to achieve is to sketch a remarkable customer experience that B2B or B2C clients do not expect. People are interested to talk about offbeat things and overlook the average. If you wish your clients to spread word of mouth about your business and if you want the client experience to be the greatest thing to draw in your customers, you need to provide them something fascinating to discuss.

How to make your customers talk?

We all know that uninteresting stories die sooner as they left untold. Luckily, accomplishing a story worth discussing doesn’t need a heavy operational push. It requires a trigger to make your customers talk. We make sure that your customers are made to talk about your brand in a positive manner by implying 4 strategies required for a triumphant trigger.

We make it remarkable

The most important requirement to provide a remarkable trigger to your customers to talk about their experience. We enable that trigger for your customers through our marketing strategies that add value to their lives. Our marketing strategies will allow you to provide them with the best customer experience which they feel happy to share with their friends and families.

One of our clients a party cafe has been able to provide amazing customer experience with the help of our marketing strategies and have been able to raise their number of customers because of referrals.

Consistency is the key to customer Experience

Customers do not like variance. The triggers need to be repeatable. So, you need to offer something distinct and awesome every single time. The customers must get the opportunity to create conversations every single day, week, month, quarter, and year. We build a unique strategy for each of our clients to allow them to provide something better every time for their customers. We make sure to provide you with creative ideas to engage the audiences consistently and keep the trigger on!

A travel company was able to provide amazing client experience with our out of the world strategies that allowed them to offer exciting packages and keep the customers engaged and attract more customers when their customers shared their amazing journey experiences.

Gaining your customer’s trust is imperative for the trigger

People tell the stories which they trust. The experiences which seem too good to be true create mistrust. Just as you can’t compare wonder and delight, doing something that blows expectations will not get you a sustainable conversation. So your trigger or push for your customers that makes them talk about you needs to be reasonable enough to trust.

The trigger must be relevant

Unless you are a giant in the business, doing irrelevant stuff is not going to attract anyone towards your business. Your customer experience option needs to make sense related to your brand to create conversation. This is the reason why a client talking about tasty street food to make connection generates a lot of reviews. The trigger is just simple. A person who has enjoyed the tasty street food at a place where he gets free sidedish makes the trigger a great story.

We have implemented and experienced the above four requirements for story triggers and have benefitted our clients. We are sure they can help you out while making choices for your customer experience management to generate conversations about your business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Drop by our office or talk to us and let’s together create stories for your customers to tell!

We would love to read your customer stories in comments.

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