How to grow organic followers on your Social Media profiles in 2020?

Recently, trending on social media is the concern about how to grow organic followers on social media. And these followers don’t imply just any followers, they need to be real and not bots. 

As businesses are becoming brands, they want to grow their followers authentically by joining real people who adore the brand and are looking to engage. In 2019, this task has been on the minds of many but as we approach 2020, this gets even more important. 

We have researched all about the latest follower trends and how new brands are evolving from zero to 10,000 followers and how well-established brands are surpassing 10,000.

The popular brands and influencers have provided the blueprint for everyone starting up their businesses to grow their social media following. We’re talking about actual strategies to get real followers — no bots, no shady bypasses. We will present you fresh approaches that you can try to boost your follower count on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

So, let’s get to the first things first. How significant is a follower number on social media?

A typical understanding of follower tallies is that they are a pride benchmark. They don’t have a primary influence on the engagement of a post or the click-through rate of content. Like many other display metrics, you can measure followers, but it can be difficult to see how do they matter.

But nowadays, the follower counts speak of a compelling story about your brand. So, your Followers do matter. They are the symbol of trust. 

A good number of follower creates positive social evidence for your brand. People are more willing to follow accounts that have a considerable number of followers. Also, the social networks on which you are active will reward you as your follower count increases. 

For example, Instagram allows you to place “swipe up” links into your Stories once you reach 10,000 followers. So, the followers don’t just influence the follow-back behaviour and features, but at the same time, they are affecting the way your social media presence is recognised. 

Let’s discuss some ways to get more but organic followers for your brand.

Here are 5 amazing strategies to grow organic followers on Social Media

  •  Promotion of your profile on your “owned” channels

Your “owned” channels are nothing but the channels on which you have complete authority. This includes your website, your blog, and your emails. So, this goes in reverse of how the earned channels like social media and organic SEO, and paid channels like search ads and media buying. 

When you use the owned channels as a significant platform for distribution of your profiles, this becomes the best way of growing your follower counts. 

For example, we recommend promoting your social profiles on your blogs which gets a sizable audience to your blog every month. You can do it for Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profiles. Next comes your website, which is generally the most-visited asset. Putting your social profile on your website or dedicating a social media space on your homepage can get your brand greater visibility. The emails and newsletters can also be used to promote your social profiles with the most effective call-to-action buttons. 

  • Fill out your social media profile completely and don’t forget to add catchy stuff

Remember, people are more willing to follow back profiles that:

  • Look real: This involves a profile picture that is not the default one, and a custom header image.
  • Profiles that have a valuable description representing who you are and what you do.
  • Profiles with a perfectly designed feed of content. It can be either a series of Instagram photos or some great tweets.

We would also recommend adding:

  • The Stories on your Instagram profile get good position above your feed. You can capture your top Stories moments and also select custom thumbnails to every collection.
  • On Pinterest, your latest Pins make up a potpourri for your cover photos. Make sure you have an up-to-date activity of vibrant, engaging images.
  • Facebook has one of the most resolute “About” sections of any other social network. And if you are a growing business, paying proper attention to this part of your page, pays off. 
  • Hashtags are in trend, use them whenever possible to grow organic followers

To benefit from using the hashtags, you need to pick and choose from high-volume hashtags. Tools like Keyhole and Hashtagify will show the universality of certain hashtags over platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Strategize if you wish to add your post to a high-volume hashtag or prefer to be placed on a lower-volume, but more-focused term. You are allowed to use 30 hashtags for your post and up to 10 hashtags in your Story on Instagram.

  • Use the Instagram Stories to their fullest 

As hashtags can go a long way for increasing your visibility, so do the Stories. 

Instagram Stories can be seen on the Instagram Explore tab, which indicates that people beyond your direct group of followers can locate you there. You can also use hashtags, geo-locations, and @-mentions to surface your Stories more. Hashtags and location stickers will make it viable for your Instagram Stories to appear on the search results page for the chosen geo-locations and hashtags. 

An @-mention sends a notification to the profile you have mentioned, and it gives that person or brand an opportunity to repost your Story to their Stories. And of course, don’t forget uploading the live videos, they can raise the visibility of your profile within moments to provide you with a chance to be different and gain more followers. 

  • Be honest and plan engagement strategies to attract more followers

The best strategies to grow your followers organically is user engagement. The essence of an engagement strategy is to communicate authentically with an audience on social media. We have tried and tested this way to call it the fastest way to grow your followers. But when things get busy, it can also take time.

 We can device tailored strategies for your business to engage the audience depending on the social media platform. 

Apart from these strategies, promoting your profile with social ads, cross-promotion and takeovers with like-minded brands, and other such methods can help you grow organic followers on social media in lesser time. You can use the analytics to keep a check on your progress.

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