Featuring the Instagram Features: Tight Teach for the Right Reach

Posted on Mar 24, 2021 By Krunal Soni

One wrong move and we hit rock bottom.

On the contrary, making our profile more aesthetic than informative, we tend to neglect the entire concept for a social platform that was created; build and increase visibility. 

In-between, we completely ignored all the astounding features social platforms offered us to deliver more personalised content for the world to see.

Popular in populace 

There are 7.9 billion people in the world, out of which 3.96 billion actively use social platforms. You can not do you wrong.

We’re here to coach you with the slightly rightly features we’ve been passing over for a finer gram with this blog.

Buckle up, here we go.

Features to feature you.


With the highest reach, direct post stands outstandingly strong compared to all the other features.

As the direct medium, users quickly get influenced and make their minds via how accurate & detailed the post-game is. 

Instagram solely has the highest engagement ratio compared to other social platforms.

With the limit of 10 pictures in a go, the direct post feature gives the user the option to spare detail via caption and even share business site details and information about a particular product or service.

As the shopping feature has been linked to many features, it became easier for users to get things off their like with just a right-click than spending hours hunting for a single piece.



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Freshly made for entertainment and passing short information, reels are the most loved feature on the gram.

Keeping the audience entertained for 30 seconds is the easiest way to connect and the hardest to keep them in the loop.

With the newly added feature, users can make purchases with a single click while being entertained by the 30 seconds series. 

With low cost and high outreach, promoting via reels has become easier for companies. 



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The 24 hours feature focus on content that needs little promotion or to showcase day-to-day life scenarios. 

The feature limiting 100 stories per day keeps the user entertained and involved with brands and creators. 

Stories majorly focus on BTS and tiny task brands to keep their audience well informed about the littlest little things.

With the least effort and highest outcome, stories keep the audience on the edge of their seat.

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A detailed video helps users get a clean and overall picture. 

Keeping that in mind, Instagram launched the IGTV feature where the community can release videos on the subject of their likes.

With this new feature, it became easier to save and share something without trimming the parts from entertainment to news. 

With becoming a stronger competition to Youtube.

At the starting of the year, Instagram added a shopping feature to boost the business’s sales; that way, users can order things they caught their eye upon while watching the video.



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real-time shopping: While the world was heading to the south, Instagram headed north with this add-on.

The wholesome feature made Instagram a complete place.

With lifting pocket-sized shopping experience and helped many small-vendors, Instagram has become the hub for many small businesses. 

The real-time shopping joined forces with many other features to keep the A-game going. 

Professional dashboard

Considered one of the handiest features, a professional dashboard helps the small business with the insights information to modify their approach. 

The feature introduces best-suited tools to monetise and build the line with more productive results. 


Guide is the segment of creating quick-informative-read. 

To give the users better and brilliant ideas about a product, services, places etc.

The guide plugs the users as recommendations post. From travel to fashion, it covers a different range of elements.

To put it out more simply, the guide is Instagram’s approach to a digital brochure.



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Aiming to engage straight with the audiences and ensure direct communication live is the feature for you.

With four straight hours, live gives the brand/creator enough time to engage with their audience.

The feature is taking a significant role for live shopping, where companies introduce their 30 products, and with each explanation, they can roll out their product in the market with this seamlessness.

The feature can be saved later as an IGTV to keep it for the duration of your preference.

QR codes

To centralise a user-friendly experience, Instagram backed up users to give them a hustle free, smooth experience. 

Adding in the list, they secure QR codes in their service. 

Where companies can add the code to gram and can target their audience with the direct payment method.

Just a click away by adding QR, the feature made the process chaos-free.

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Commerce eligibility

With at least one eligible product, this feature focuses on raising the bar for small businesses and creators.

In addition, by shopping tags, the sites can directly drive more traffic to the sites.

The feature takes the measurements of the authentication from the dealer to avoid any frauds in the future.

Pretty excited, yaa? 

Go for it. You got this

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