From 2020 to 2021 – Swaying the years with Digital-Giri

Posted on Mar 12, 2021 By Krunal Soni

2020: The binge sesh

While many consider 2020 as the darkest year financially, we think of the year as one of the most evolutionary years for the digital world.

From meetings to classes, the world of digital took the globe under its wings.

While many unfortunate events were happening worldwide, the only thing that remained constant was the merest form of social platforms and their excellent marketing approach.

2021: 2020

Digital marketing was a side chick.

In the words of big shots, it was hardly a thing as authentic marketing.

Where social media was plainly about who wore what to introduce aesthetic themes, it was considered more like a home of Instagram models than a Facebook business.

It took years for the companies to realise that it’s not just about pretty posts and glamouring graphics; it has more to do with what the targeted audiences want to see and less to do with extra showbism of over-done marketing.

Guide to bind

The world of digital marketing caught in a dilemma of its own.

Overwhelmed by the response as the only marketing service, the term remote entered the picture.

Changing the face of marketing completely digitally serves the world as a guide of approximate marketing.

The mere became most in the marketing and became the only to exist in the meantime.

The year bound us together and gave us guidance on the hopeful future of remotely digital marketing.

The Pawri entered the chat.

While OTT had most of it in 2020; Companies like Cadbury, on the other hand, came in the spotlight with coming in support of small-scale businesses.

The coming year will highlight the marketing we together established for years and the hustle we made by coming in to support the brands we associate ourselves with for years.

Digital marketing has been the most straightforward approach to reach the ‘chosen one.’ With minimal spending and tailored marketing with smartphones, we finally became smart too.

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