Level-up your marketing by doing Real-Time Marketing


What is Real-Time marketing(RTM)?

Responding in real-time, or near-real-time, is what real-time marketing is all about. It all comes down to crafting relevant messaging, which can be accomplished on social media by listening to and anticipating customer needs. Real-time marketing, in its most basic form, is concerned with current events, trends, or feedback. 

Real-time marketing is exactly what it sounds like: marketing that happens right now. This “moment” can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It could be the moment when your offer becomes available, when a customer requires assistance, or when an event begins.

Why Real-Time Marketing(RTM) Matters?

In terms of your target audience’s needs and your business goals, “the moment” refers to an important or ideal time: your target audience requires quick information, and you require their attention. Real-time marketing focuses on interacting with your audience at key moments when engagement is most effective. That’s why Real time marketing(RTM) matters!

Do you know Brand Feuds & its benefits?

Setting up a public brand rivalry can be especially beneficial for lesser-known or newer brands looking to elevate their brand. Picking a fight allows a brand to go after the market leader or leaders and gain access to a higher tier of the market. Targeting industry leaders can help a brand improve its position and raise overall brand awareness. Brand rivalries can gain sympathy, build loyalty and also attract attention!

Rivalries are an excellent strategy to encourage people to pick sides and prohibit them from using the products of the other brand. People enjoy rivalries and competitiveness because they force everyone to up their game.

The do’s of RTM:

  • Maintain perfect timing: Throughout real-time marketing, timing is everything. Your posts must be published at the right time when interest in the subject is at its peak. If you arrive too early, you will be buried beneath everyone else; if you arrive too late, no one will see you.  It’s a fine balance you’re looking for.
  • Do know your audience: This goes a long way toward ensuring that you don’t make a mistake because you understand your audience and the types of content they’ll be interested in.

The Don’ts of RTM:

  • Don’t use tragedy, ever: To be safe, only discuss lighthearted topics. That can be a terrible decision. In your Real-time marketing strategy, never use tragedy.
  • Don’t React to anything and everything: Yes, because it’s not necessary to respond to every happening moment. React to those that you feel you can correlate to your brand.


One of the most effective ways to market your products or services is through real-time marketing(RTM). However, in order to be successful with this strategy, you will need to conduct thorough market research. You must also be creative in order to capture the attention of your target audience. However, if you can execute it flawlessly, there is no better marketing strategy than this! 

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