Remarkable SEO strategies for which Google will reward you

SEO (Search Engine Optimization is nothing but a process of increasing the traffic of your website through organic search results. The world wide web is expanding monstrously and it has become inevitable to establish an SEO strategy.

The right SEO strategy can provide you the platform to reach your audience and venture the untouched market. With the growth and evolvement of Google, the website ranking factors are updated each day. So, to keep up, the businesses need to focus on the SEO strategies which can help them in the long run. Users need to keep in mind a few best SEO strategies that Google will reward you for.

There are a few common mistakes that people make while applying SEO practices to their websites.

Here are a few points to remember when you plan out your SEO strategy:

Make each page noticeable:

Each page on your website needs content. A picture cannot work alone when it comes to page ranking. You should not fill the pages with redundant text but you should plan to write some clever content. Your page needs to have small but rich content with SEO keywords. Google will always prefer a page with quality writing over a page filled with unnecessary text.

The content should not be all about sales:

True, you must create a website that mentions and advertises your service. But a great SEO practice is to develop a content that has a variety of information on your web pages. For example, if you are a software development company, you should not just keep on advertising app development. Instead, write some informative content related to technology, about your company, etc. Your uniqueness and the useful information relevant to your industry is surely taken into account by Google.

Use of Headings and Sub-Heading in the content:

Readability plays an important role and greatly influences SEO. Breaking up the writing into smaller sections and having heading and sub-headings makes it easier for the reader to get the information at a glance. Also, it is easier to catch for Google. You can place the keywords in the headings to increase its ranking as it helps Google to scan your content easily. Thus, when you provide Google with the most credible information, helps you in getting more organic traffic on your website.

Using Meta Description Tags & Alt Tags:

A basic SEO strategy is to have a proper meta description for your content. Using the alt tags on your photos is another essential part. Google pulls a huge amount of information for SEO from the meta description. The presence of keywords in the meta description is key to success or the opportunity is lost. Adding the main keyword to the alt text of images can also improve the organic traffic on your website page.

Don’t try to cheat Google:

If you think you can fool Google easily, that is the worst thought ever. Drop the idea instantly. Google can guess if you are trying to cheat the system. It doesn’t like duplicate content or keyword stuffing or invisible text. The paid links and excessive advertisements above the fold are a complete no-no!

Paid Promotion on Social Media:

There is no other thing better or no other tool efficient enough to increase the traffic to your website than that of Social media. Most of the social media platforms have promotional ad-option which can drive the audience to your website. Targeting your audience with the original or relevant copy makes the ad perform well. Also, the use of social media for increasing the traffic to your website helps all in all for your Google ranking.

So, you need to make some time to plan out quality content for your website or the blogs. Planning the content is never a waste of time, rather it is worth the time if you don’t cut corners with your SEO. With the proficient SEO strategies on your side, you are ready to take on your web copy and get rewarded by Google.

Google is the greatest search engine in the world and when we talk about digital marketing, it is Google who has the last say. Amongst the competition everywhere, a businessman needs to invest in some awesome digital marketing strategy to have their website boosted in the search engine.

SEO is never an easy job but it is definitely worth the effort. Using strong strategies can help you to boost the website higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Now, let’s discuss the five top strategies that are must for your SEO armory.

» Mobile friendliness:

With the increasing use of mobiles, the number of people surfing the internet on their cell phones is also increasing. According to a study in Statista, there are 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world and the number is still growing. The number is expected to reach 61.2 percent. Mobile apps and messaging apps have always been an important source to draw the customer’s attention.

In 2018, Google rolled out its mobile-first indexing strategy which means it is going to consider the mobile versions for the page ranking and indexing. The desktop version of indexing will still be there but people tend to read more content through mobile phones these days. So, you should consider distributing the content in a way that meets the responsiveness of smartphones and is available on even the smallest and simplest smartphones. Not having mobile-first indexing can lead to having a negative impact on your brand. But if you grab the opportunity of mobile indexing, it can definitely help in getting a better page ranking.

» Republishing:

Though underutilized tactic of SEO, republishing is the most rewarded techniques by Google. While following a content calendar and organizing relevant and in-depth content, we often tend to create content with an aim to write better than what was previously written. The content is written with an idea of drawing traffic to your website and boosting the Google ranking. So, republishing the content across various platforms can prove to be an excellent way to get rewarded by Google.

Republishing already existing content, if done correctly can make you reach a larger and newer audience. Even if all the posts can’t be republished, listing down a few on the basis of conversion rates, bounce rates, backlinks generated, etc. can really prove helpful. This can expand your influence by increasing brand awareness and get you a new audience which in turn will bring fresh leads and gain revenue.

» Various types of Content:

As discussed earlier in this blog, Thrillax believes in delivering quality content. Each website has some kind of content on its website or the marketing platforms that it is using. The content should increase brand awareness and help the users regarding the information that they are seeking. According to another report in Statista, more than 82% of views get impressed by reading the customized content on a company’s website. And around 70% of the buyer experience the connection with your brand after reading and understanding your content. Providing a positive experience and value to the readers can serve the purpose of users by executing a uniform and consistent content strategy.

The video content and the content that you are putting on social media pages for optimization can also help to get you more and more traffic to your website. Google stresses and provides a stronger weight to the visual content as the users can watch, perceive and memorize the content much faster.


SEO optimization is basically done with an aim to bring relevant traffic by delivering the powerful user experience. Doesn’t matter if you have a business website or an e-commerce website, the first thing that a user looks for is security. If the users feel comfortable and safe while sharing their personal information, they are likely to stay longer with your website. Using the secure connection ‘HTTPS’ will ensure the safety of your site and the user details will be protected. Using HTTPS also boosts the website ranking.


To get a better Google ranking, backlinks play an important role. Backlinks and content are always the two factors which play an important role in the rating of a website. Google checks the links coming to its source website and determines the value and relevance of the backlinks. So, it is always recommended to have good quality backlinks. Also, the links should be added strategically as the broken or inappropriate links cannot work on Google and can harm the website ranking. The backlinks coming from a higher domain are considered as quality links and given preference by Google.

The backlinks earn you authority, value, and relevance. In order to build your link score, increasing quality links coming from the same domain is recommended along with eliminating the spammy links.

Summing up:

There is a lot of information flowing everywhere over the web and the list of factors to ensure your Google ranking keep increasing. But to get a better page ranking, it is essential for you to give heed and alter your SEO strategies. So, utilize these amazing strategies articulated by Google and move towards success in the coming years.

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