Say ‘Later’ to websites and ‘Yes’ to Social Media Marketing

Two-Thousand-Twenty- Two. Ohh! 🤭

I could’ve just written 2022, but making this more dramatically professional by walking a few miles shouldn’t be an issue. 🤗

It has been at the core of our system to look more entitled even with complicating simpler actions and make it more complex because why not?

Spotlighting the matter of the hour; Social media Over Social network.

There will be a few eyebrows raised, especially for someone like us who does a business creating successful sites.

Then why will we do something so dense to jeopardize our own business? 

Well, the answer is simple, we can’t see you squander your money on something you are not ready for.

Advising you to be a free spender would be no brainer.

Let’s start with the ground base. 🎲

We’re taking full accountability for our words, “Websites complete your business.”

But to complete the business, you first need to sow it. Your social media is your sterile, your content is soil, and your audience is the fertilizer.

Now you know the basics. 

Moderation 🎟️ 

  The avengers.

(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn)

While the website is Captain America, social media is a whole the avengers. 

Websites add more constructiveness to the brand; social platforms create constructiveness.

To sum the whole situation up, a website is essential! But not at the cost of compromising your social media game.

Brewing digital media for years, we know the importance of both. Yet, we suggest you take the high road of social media first.

Trust us! You won’t regret

•  Economical

To spend a fortune, you’ve to create one first. You can’t simply pay for something you aren’t entirely sure about.

Let’s be very real; six months of social media gives the business a higher outcome than a website year.

The list has been enumerated in a complete backward method. We’ve stereotyped the process because of the invention.

As the sites have been created way earlier than social media, we have topicalized the concept of investing in stereotypes over smart.

Now is the time! Choose wise over stereotype.

If you’re not ready for a website yet, be it.

•  The Anywhere-door

When was the last time you created a website? “Been quite some time?”

Okay, when was the last time you created a social media account?

You got my point.

You don’t need an IT guy, you need a phone and an internet connection, and voila, you’ve officially stepped into the world of social media.

Just because you can walk extra miles doesn’t mean you have to. Save it for later, do it when you’re prepared for it.

Until then, pick an easy way to make your business run without any obstacles.

•  Jalwa Hai Hamara Yahan

While creating content according to a single product can be easy but designing the entire website can be a bit too much.

Social media gives the flexibility to start and stop the segment on an immediate basis once you’re done with it.

Focusing on one theme at a time, the audience can make room for imagination.

While websites can do it surely, social media do it smoothly.

•  Sidhi baat, no bakwas! Clear hai

Direct communication builds a warmer relation. The essence of personal touch builds more bridges and sets the record straight-set record straight information, with pros in one hand and clarification in other there will be no room for doubt and confusion.

It has always been about the promptness in replies! Your followers aren’t just a number; they are the business.

All this without adding extra pennies. FOR REAL.

•  Circulating the circle 

From promotion to an advertisement, social media takes the business under its wings. 

Facebook business lets you connect with the targeted audience. 

Instagram business gives analytics through the dashboard.

LinkedIn gives the certificate of authentication to your business.

Social media business works as the mini online store!

•  Feature-fantasy 

Everyone is a gangster until the real gangster walks into the room.

Social platforms have covered all the features with ease that dealing with technical parts can be a little overwhelming.

Considered the new addiction, people spent hours scrolling through the world without even realizing it.

The obsession with social media has created surrealism.

A simple post on the product we’re in search of magically appears on our screen. The comment section works as feedback to influence our brain. Easy try-on on the personalities we follow via videos and IGTV gives us overlook about the product.

With open arms and 3.96 billion audiences inside, social media has been a home for all types of businesses for a decade and a half.

•  Seal the deal

Drum roll! Winner winner chicken dinner!

I’ll try to keep it as short & simple as possible.

Web focuses on the company’s outer structure; it strives to make the company look more defined.

On the other hand, social media helps the company get the spotlight via the feature without initializing its products or services.

While sites put a whole range of products in one go, social media, on the other hand, is easier to promote limited products to get more business.

🤔 Let’s take the real-time theory; if you have to choose one, which one would you choose for your business?

Conclusion: Website and social media both are important for your business, as both nourish the brand in their unique way. 😀

Each market the business; you have to decide where you want to start your business with.

Suppose you got a budget for both, great! 😃

If not, then a wise investment is always better than a swift one, as I’ve said earlier. ✍️

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