Top 6 social media trends to follow in the new year 2020!

2020 is around the corner and with the onset of the new year, it is time again for Social Media Trends for 2020! This time of year is when every one of us wants to know what to expect in the social media and digital marketing space. All business owners are excited to know what’s ahead and it is important for them to keep up-to-date with the trends.

As a business owner, knowing how to prepare, where to invest and what requires greater focus is important to keep up with the competition and conquer it.

The following a few forecasts for the top 6 social media trends for 2020.

Without second thoughts, social shopping has been gaining increased popularity for the last few years. It is foretold to be getting bigger in 2020.

The most active eCommerce brands in the world are going ahead with social shopping. As a business owner, it makes perfect sense if you take a moment to think about your customers and their actions.

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  • There are1.47 billion regular active users on Facebook.
  • 60% of Instagram users state they search for new products on Instagram.
  • 30% of online shoppers tell they would possibly purchase a social media network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.
  • Social Media Messenger sales are greatly exceeding the current ROI champion of email.
  • Voice Search is expected to be about 50% of all searches on web

There are several likely revolutionary technologies like VR or AI that have begun to influence products around us. On the other hand, voice-enabled services have seen a notable increase in the rate of adoption within a very brief span.

Here are a few stats to support this:

  • According to Google’s report, 20% of all searches are the voice.
  • 31% of smartphone users across the globe use voice tech at least once a week.
  • 50% of all online searches are forecasted to be voice-based by 2020.
  • 30% of all web browsing sessions are anticipated to be done without a screen by 2020.
  • 55% of homes are assumed to own smart speaker devices by 2022.
  • Global voice commerce is foreseen to be worth $40B by the year 2022.
  •  Facebook Pay will become greatly popular for sending money via social

Chat and Pay that is how social media is beating the banks. The chat could take place on Facebook’s Messenger service and end with a mere click to transfer the cash among friends. The payment service has presently been begun in the UK, although the country is in some way slow than China and the US in the public adoption of social media payments.

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Big players like Facebook and Google are already allowing payments through their platforms. The achievement of companies such as Paypal’s Venmo app in the US, allows users to share their mobile payment messages on social feeds. This has encouraged the authorities to create similar offerings such as the Zelle app.

  • Influencer Marketing is anticipated to grow

The influencer marketing survey conducted depicted the perceptions about the industry have changed between 2017 and 2019. A fundamental finding of this Influencer Marketing Report 2019 is that the scope for influencer marketing is still extremely positive.

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Here are the key results for Instagram:

Instagram has grown phenomenally over the past few years. It is the fastest growing social network in 2019. Facebook still has the largest user base, but Instagram is swiftly catching up. In the middle of 2018, Instagram declared that it had reached 1 billion monthly active users. It is now on its way to the second billion. These users are posting 95 million photos and videos every day, along with uploading 400 million Instagram Stories. Instagram users “like” an unbelievable 4.2 billion posts each day.

  • Video content is conquering the space

It is time to get over the fears of video marketing if you want to catch up with the rising trends.

Video is proceeding to grow in prevalence and value. It is important to stay on top of the newest approaches and statistics to create a strong digital video marketing strategy. Video is an extremely effective form of content and with the rise of social media, we saw that video makes a great impact on the audience.

We have gathered some statistics from Smart Insights that could help you get to grips with video content.

83% of marketers agree that video content is growing in importance. Only 12% said its value is not changing and under 5% said that it will become less valuable. And 53% of customers were engaged with a brand after watching the video content.

  • Ephemeral Content is expected to be the king of Social Media trends 2020.

Ephemeral content is content that’s created to last for only 24 hours. Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are all instances of apps to post ephemeral content.

Large brands are taking benefit of FOMO (fear of being missed out) with their content. In 2016, a predicted 21% of BuzzFeed’s total traffic came from Snapchat views. Instagram Stories has an estimated 400 million users in the year 2018. It is notable that ephemeral content helps you to reach your users and make them feel special.

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Ephemeral content offers unparalleled ways to captivate an audience. There are numerous different strategies you can use, depending on your chosen platform and of course Thrillax is always there to have your back and make you aware of the marketing strategies.

So, instead of waiting for the first dawn of 2020, you must buckle your shoes with the right strategies and plannings designed to conquer the market in the new year. We can assist you with the best marketing strategies to take your product in the most trending list on social media.

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