12 Must-Follow Website Design Trends For 2022 (6th is the most important)

If you know about website design, we will help you understand every query regarding website design and its trends.

As a leading digital marketing company, we know how website design impacts businesses and customers. 

We believe that the website is the identity of the business.

And undoubtedly, you know how a website is necessary to make a business more visible to customers. That’s why you are reading this blog.

So, what is the purpose of following website design trends?

Because if you want continuous and convincing results from the website, you have to follow the website design trends accordingly.

Hence, we design the website according to trends to make it more suitable for the business.

Website Design Trends With Award-winning Websites Examples

Website trends change every year according to user behaviour on the web. The purpose behind these changes is to give the best user experience.

So now the question is, what is user experience?

It is the process of designing the website according to the products and services that are meaningful and relevant to users.

Remember, the more pleasant user experience your website has, the more you will see website traffic and conversions.

Therefore, we have researched more than 30+ award-winning websites of 2022.

Because at ThrillaX, we conduct purpose-driven research first, and then we build the website to make it more business-friendly.

And here are the latest website design trends that will increase your website traffic and conversion rate.

Big Typography That Increases Engagement

From the research, we found that 10 out of 10 websites use this evergreen website design trend.

It is the most popular trend because – Oversized typography grabs the customer’s attention.

Big typography makes the website content more visible and fascinating. That helps visitors to understand the website content or services easily.

And here is an example of an award-winning website design that shows the awesomeness of big typography.

Thrillax 1


How do we use big typography?

We make the website design and the content more visible with these typography strategies.

  1. Oversized typography on the homepage to represent the brand.
  2. A combination of videos and big typography is more effective.
  3. The white space makes the content more attractive.

Homepage Hero Section Video

It is an interesting fact that, according to WYZOwl, 86% of businesses use videos as a marketing tool.

And 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.

It is something we do as well. Why?

We discover that videos are more effective.

Because putting a video in the hero section helps users get to know and understand the website services or products easily.

The videos keep the user engaged with the website. And it is a fast and convenient way to engage the user with the website.

Hence, using the video in the website hero section is a new website design trend.



We make the website hero section more convincing.

As we said before, a good user experience is essential. And we follow this strategy to make our client’s website hero section more convincing about their brand.

  1. The relevant video represents the business.
  2. The autoplay feature to every device.
  3. Perfect contrast and text to create a pleasing visual experience.

Split-screens – The Growing Website Design Trend

The split-screen goal in one sentence: One screen, Two relevant messages.

Split screens are a rapidly growing website design trend that allows displaying unique content separately on one screen.

Now the question: Is it right to separate the content into two sections?

Yes. It is highly effective because the user can see two pieces of content in one go. And it guides them in the right direction to understand and purchase the website services or products.

The split-screen encourages the user to – pick this or that. It also gives a common experience for any device.

You can see the website below, which shows how split-screen gives a piece of perfect information to users.

Thrillax 3


We believe in designing a website that stays ahead of the competition.

Stay ahead of the competition with this split-screen design practice.

  1. Draw the user’s attention with attractive graphics, images, and videos.
  2. The oversized typography is evergreen – we use it.
  3. Give equal importance to both sections.
  4. Create a visual flow with suitable colour contrast.
  5. Use of animation to keep the user connected with the content.

More White Space In Design

We think you might have a question regarding this website design trend.

It should be like: Is white space still a trending subject in website design? Is it still relevant?

Remember, if any features in website design are effortless for designers and users, it will be the trend for the ages.

And the white space offers perfect visibility and balance between the website design and text. 

We use white space to give the website an attractive glimpse. 

Because it has a – professional appearance, reflects the content, captures user attention, and increases conversion rate with an eye-catching CTA.

Thrillax 4


We shape the website content with these practices.

One thing we observed on the award-winning website is that – they have used white space the most. And we came up with the below strategy.

  1. Always give priority to the text and readability.
  2. White space, big typography, and split-screen are the best combinations for website design.
  3. Use around CTA and oversized typography.

Giving more value to the user and balancing the content is the perfect way to make the website attractive with the white space.

Interactive 3D Content

It’s simple psychology – what is more pleasing to watch 2D or 3D images? You got the answer.

According to GM Insights, the 3D rendering market exceeded USD 2 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 20% between 2020 and 2026.

Because of this reason, the concept of 3D content is revolutionary for eCommerce websites.

The interactive 3D content makes the website mesmerizing, engaging, and more realistic for users, rather than dull and static.

As a result, people prefer 3D content over 2D.

The below website offers 3D content that gives every piece of information to users with better visuality.

Thrillax 5

Argor Heraeus

We create 3D content that is more engaging.

This website design trend is one of the best ways to add uniqueness to content, especially if the business is related to technology.

  1. Create a 3D visual that is perfectly visible.
  2. Pick the right background for the images.
  3. Choose the image or design that represents the brand.
  4. Make 3D content that represents your business, products, and services.

Minimalist Design

What if we say a minimalist website has attracted more customers than any other thing. Would you believe it? No?

See this – “As per the Adobe survey, almost 40% of users will stop engaging if they find the content or layout of a website shabby and tatty.”

Therefore, minimalist websites are gaining more popularity among users.

It focuses on white space, simplicity, and clean text to make the website more engaging.

Here is an example of a minimalist website.

Thrillax 6


We understand the business, and then we design the website.

We follow the ideal way to make a minimalist website that suits business requirements. Follow these steps to make a minimalist website.

  1. Always focus on usability.
  2. Build the creative content structure.
  3. Highlighting products, services, and creative work.
  4. Attention-grabbing typography.
  5. Simple navigation for the users.


A simple example: Facebook like button. At some point, we all have experienced that it gives satisfaction and keeps us engaged.

And it is one of the best features to make the website dynamic and interactive. But why is it the best website design trend?

The devil in detail, they say.

It makes the website user-friendly, creates a more pleasing experience, and offers entertaining content.

A real-life example: Snapchat’s bitmojis.

Thrillax 7

But the question is, how to make the micro-interaction more distinctive and user-friendly?

Strategy to make the website more user-friendly with micro-interactions

We analyzed micro-interaction features on an award-winning website and came up with this strategy.

  1. Keep the micro-interactions simple.
  2. Don’t let it overshadow the website design and the content.
  3. Give more priority to the user.
  4. Do A/B testing.


What if we say that just one image can make your website unique, powerful, and more creative.

What will you do? Add those images, right?

Bingo! The illustrations do the same thing.

It’s an emerging website design trend that represents the business most uniquely and creatively in just one image.

But how are illustrations unique and more creative than the rest?

It makes the website content engaging, gives users better information, and offers custom illustration functionalities.

And there are two types of illustrations.

Collage Illustration

It is an art made by various images and unique paper styles. And the entire illustration depends on how you place it – the shapes, colours and patterns. 

You can make illustrations more unique by adding some filters and effects.

Abstract Illustration

The abstract illustration feels natural while looking at it. It is more famous among designers because it contains more organic shapes and human arts.

You can create an abstract illustration with ink and paper or in software.

The award-winning website has unique art because of – natural irregularities, paint, water, texture, and effects.

Thrillax 8


Horizontal Scrolling

We always look forward to making a website that is unique and convenient.

And horizontal scrolling is one of the website design trends that gives information and represents the website content more uniquely and conveniently.

It offers website information in more depth and more quickly.

Also, the designers and users experienced that horizontal scrolling gives an image gallery experience.

And we found that most of the award-winning websites use both – horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Thrillax 9

Bienville Capital

Tell Your Story While Scrolling (Scrollytelling)

Scrollytelling is the mixture of scrolling and storytelling – a dynamic way to tell a story.

But why is scrollytelling more effective than a static story?

It generates visual effects – a transition between the elements and content, to keep the users engaged with the website.

And people nowadays pay more attention to visual effects than static pages because the visual effects generate interactive backgrounds with attractive typography and animation effects.

Overall, it is a sequence of visual elements put together entirely to give a detailed message for the website visitors in a dynamic way.

The below website shows how to tell your story.

Thrillax 10

The Boat

When It comes to storytelling, we are the best.

On the award-winning website design, we noticed these things.

  1. Engaging content is the priority.
  2. Attractive and unique visual elements.
  3. High-resolution images.
  4. Micro-interaction and animation effects.
  5. Perfect colour gradients with white space.

In one sentence – this website design trend is all about increasing the user engagement time and user experience.

We do the same thing.

Line Art Effects

This website design trend is less-noticeable by everyone, but it is more effective.

Now the question is, how can a less popular feature be more effective?

When you design from the user perspective, simply it will be effective.

And we design the website by keeping in mind both customer and business perspectives.

The line art effect and border grab the customer’s attention and pique their interest in the content on your website.

The border gives the feel of a retro design, and the line art keeps the users engaged with the content to make the website exceptional from others.

But how?

The line art produces visual effects to define the website perspective, and the border splits the section to break up the content.

See this award-winning website which has an attractive and unique line art visual.

Thrillax 11


We provide everything that helps the user.

So, here’s a strategy for making line art and borders more appropriate for your website design.

  1. Make the line art that defines your business goals.
  2. The line art background should be relevant to your content.
  3. Use line shapes according to the website and content structure.
  4. Make the perfect visible grid from the borders to split the content.
  5. Choose the right colour for the border and line art.

Innovative Navigation

Making things easy but innovative that’s what designers do every time to create a new website design trend.

And innovative navigation is one of them, which is beyond everything.

But why is it beyond every navigation strategy?

Answer: The era of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It has changed the way of simple and accessible navigation by applying – parallax navigation, storytelling navigation, and voice interface navigation.

Look at this award-winning website navigation.

Thrillax 12

Reputations Squad


So there you have it: some of the leading website design trends for 2022. 

But how will you put these trends and strategies into action now?

Don’t be concerned. We’ll work with you to make your website more appealing to potential customers.

And we do so by identifying your business and customers. Then we’ll design a website that is most appropriate for your company and clients.

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