How Content Marketing Strategies Helps B2B Companies & Startups

⁉️ Do you want to reach your potential customer in less time? 

Businesses work through leads and sales, but you end up obtaining nothing even after spending much money and time; it’s demotivating and worthless.

However, disappointment and failure are part of life and business but implementing the same strategies and approaches is good for nothing, and you end up stuck in the circle.

Therefore, a change of approach and strategies is only the solution.

In this blog, I will tell you a few strategies in number but gigantic in output. Also, I will tell you the importance of content marketing and its benefits. Also, there are some marketing experiences that I have shared in this blog to convince you more about marketing’s reputation. So, stay tuned until the end.

😑 Misconception about B2B Content marketing

Most B2B customers carry the myth that B2B content marketing is associated with only product and service. It can be approached the same way as B2C marketing, which is entirely untrue. It’s different and more than that, 

Let me throw a flash in the dark……

B2B content marketing’s primary goal is to develop an interest in customers’ about an organization through innovative creation and online content. It’s not pushing the customer to buy the services and product, but its objective is to make the consumer aware of its uniqueness, service, and product policies. 

The mission of this blog is to educate B2B customers like you about how you can blossom your business using some excellent content marketing strategies and guide you on how you can start with content marketing.

Most small businesses and startups hesitate to do content marketing because they think it would cost them high and not result. However, Some cost is there in marketing your business but it all would be worth it if you prepare strategic content marketing direction.

🤝 Meet your customers through content marketing

A Business, startup, manufacturer, retailer, exporter uses the internet to find potential leads. If you don’t have a strong internet presence, or in other words, your website doesn’t come on top, then your targeted customer won’t be able to reach you. 

89% of B2B customers prefer using the internet during the buying process, and 57% show trust and proceeds.

Content marketing helps you rank your website in search engines by applying solid keywords strategies that will generate the right traffic for your websites which eventually helps your company sales.

Let’s take an example,

The hosting platform company, focusing on WordPress, WP engine has generated huge leads through content marketing. The company targeted bloggers and WordPress users and broke the barriers of expansion. Its marketing strategies gave remarkable results as it acquired 300,000 sites, applications in 128 countries and raised five rounds of funding worth over $40 million.

⛔ What If your answer is NO to content marketing?

It’s okay if you don’t want to do content marketing for your business, but there are some drawbacks to it.

If you don’t have any presence in the market or on the internet, it would be difficult for your customer to search for you. And if you are not easily searchable on Google (as there are 1.7 billion people who use Google across the world), you can’t expect traffic and leads to your business where 3 out of 5 people in the world search on Google to get services and products.

👍 Why should you say ‘Yes’ to Content marketing for B2B company?

Content marketing is the practice that showcases your brand to your targeted customers, saying who are you, what are your services, products, and policies? 

Once the customer is aware of your company or business, the customer will dig up more to know about the company. Therefore they read the blogs on your website or follow social media profiles.

✅ Let me highlight 3 key benefits of content marketing

1. Get more close to your customer

Content marketing is like an entity that creates an informative and creative book that consists of your company’s details such as working process, product description, policies, and services in a very effective manner.

Today everyone lives their life on mobile and spend their quality time on devices. If someone asks you something and you don’t know about it, what do you do next?

You just Google it.

This is a standard practice of most people globally, including your customer, so by searching terms related to your business, there is an ample opportunity through the content you can close to your customer.

2. You become your industry expert

You might be an exporter, supplier, manufacturer or service provider, the knowledge & experience you have about your services and products that need to be shared with the world, and you become a famous personality in your industry.

You do not have to write in an actual way, but you can share your knowledge with your digital marketing team, and they use that knowledge to promote your business and brand.

We have seen now a days even the industrialist are having LinkedIn profiles. They share the blog links, events info and even flyer copies and what if they produce these contents on their website and then share it. That is content marketing 😃.

3. Wrap up in less money and get an outstanding result

I know your primary focus is businesses, not customers, and you wonder why other companies would invest their time reading and connecting with you. Still, it is a cost-effective and long-lasting marketing initiative.

With this, you can share your knowledge, process and experience sync through the organization. If people need to read your process, you should write one piece of content about it publish it for your customers and employees. Your future staff will also be aware of how things work at your company. Content marketing is 62% less expensive than traditional marketing, and the conversion rate is 6x higher.

Implementing content marketing strategies to your business will generate leads and build a deep customer relationship that enhances your reputation in the market.

🧗 How to Create Best B2B Content Marketing Strategy 

The process is not as challenging as it looks, whether you are Businessman, Manufacturers, Suppliers, or Exporter. However, there are some essential factors that you should keep in mind before you get started with content marketing. 

Some of our clients said that “content marketing is like magic” when they see unexpected quality leads.

The 4 mantras of Content marketing are,

  1. Understand who is your targeted reader
  2. Learn how to reach them by content marketing skills
  3. Learn what problems and demands they have 
  4. Create your keywords strategies according to their wants and needs

However, it demands technical SEO expertise, creativity in content creation and expertise to connect your brand effectively.  

We never say who our customers are, but we are mentioning 2 winning content marketing experiences for your awareness for the first time.

1) 67k visitors in 60 days for UK Travel Company

The idea to Content Heavy Website. After understanding the concept, we created quality landing pages with specific (Now Profitable) keywords from scratch and generated 67K visitors to the website in 60 days.

We have worked for this company for almost two years, and we have written 500+ content for their brand to generate traffic which leads to bookings. Our strategy was to identify profitable keywords and define social media stories to create less but quality traffic from targeted countries. Most importantly, we started with how the platform works contents and later on targeted bookings oriented keywords.

We didn’t target high-volume keywords in this project but instead focused on local search queries with no volume but quality traffic. 

2) 2700+ leads in 2 years for IT Company

This is very interesting because we do not just start working with clients based on what they offer, but we observe how much they are passionate about their work.

We started by having an understanding of their delivered work experiences. Still, we didn’t get much success through it, but later on, we found that their process of working is so unique that it attracts more users than work experiences.

We market their process through trending keywords, and we receive many different leads from an untapped market. Within a year, our client becomes the leading firm for that new untapped market. We wrote almost 440 blogs, 90+ case studies, 130+ social media storytelling contents (some of the social media content helped them recruit talents), and more than 100 web pages on the website to target specific mobile app development services.

The statistics we have achieved for that client business are out of 2700+ leads, 17.5% in Europe, 13.35% in US Canada, and 65% in other countries. 

🔎 Identify the right keywords & platform is your right content marketing strategy.

We are the right fit if you are looking for:

  1. Strategic digital marketing direction
  2. Extended marketing team
  3. Go-To-Market strategy and execution

Thank you for your time. We are Thrillax.

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