Get 7 Best Guest Blog Email Templates for Link Building Work

You can be an excellent outreach expert but when it comes to pitching, you may find it difficult. And It’s a very common concern that many bloggers and newcomers face.

Well, there are some tricks and strategies involved in guest blog content pitches that they miss sometimes and follow typical strategies that are outdated or others are using.

To approach someone for your benefit is a task. And, bloggers, like you, have to often encounter such tasks because you try many ways to lure the host with your writing and strategies but still you don’t get the response. 

When something doesn’t work, the change of approach always works. 

In this blog, I have some tips and suggestions for you that will surely work for you in your blog content pitches because they worked for me and many of my network.

But, before diving into the main part, Let’s first understand, 

What is the objective of guest blog content pitches?

People do blog content pitches to approach the guest blogging website and ask them to publish a blog for them. Pitches are like a resume, where you have to establish yourself by telling your achievement, work experience, and uniqueness so that company would select you for the interview.

The same goes with the pitch where you have to convince 3rd party site owners using your communication skill, to say yes to the blog, and publish it on their website.

How Guest Blogging is a powerful way to increase web traffic and brand awareness?

Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase your website traffic, the best option to showcase your brand on the internet, and establish authority.

Denny Iny, the CEO and founder of Mirasee, and best-selling author shared his experience about Guest blogging, he wrote 80+ guest posts for the Firepole marketing brand, and in 4 weeks of span, he managed to receive 0 to 23,000 monthly page views.

Another great example is Jon Morrow. He is effectively paralyzed from the neck down but supremely diligent in blogging. He has generated 13,000+ leads through guest posting alone.

Below is one awesome pitch example that Denny Iny has mentioned in his blog where he had received a positive response from all the bloggers.


Companies that reach new heights through Guest Blogging.

1. Intel:

Intel supports a blogging celebrity, Intel let Ekaterina, a famous blogger and social media examiner to build her own personal brand. She links Intel and showcases her interest in working in Intel in her own blog. This helps the company in building credibility and Authority.

2. Autodesk:

Autodesk successfully runs a column at a fast company called “ Autodesk sustainable blogging team” and does guest blogging frequently to create brand awareness on the web.

Refer to this website for more details,

» 8 Brands That Benefit From Guest Blogging

4 things that you should know before writing a pitch: 

  1. Please read the full guidelines of the guest blogging website. Don’t just randomly pitch someone whose niche is completely different from yours.
  2. Try to cultivate your relationship with your partners, share your recently published blog with them and try to be active on their website.
  3. Please be respectful of their time, patience is always required in pitching.
  4. Most importantly, your pitch should be to the point, crisp, and clear.

Now, once you understand what pitch is, and why people do guest blog content pitches, we can go forward and see how you can do the best blog content pitches.




To grab the reader’s attention, make a catchy title, mention the key points for the quick read.



Well, You can go straight ahead talking about your topic as well, Just make it more visually appealing to attract the reader’s attention.



Do Research about the editor you are approaching, and wish them on their achievement or any recent event they have organized. This shows how much research you have done before approaching.



Share your positive past experience with the editor, this reflects that their website has potential, and then present them with your fresh content.



How well you express yourself in pitch is crucial, this way you can directly connect with your reader.

Dear Carol, 

There are people who want to write but don’t know how to start, hence awesome ideas remain unexpressed in their brains. I have a blog that is very close to mine that I would like to publish on your website. It’s not just a bunch of information from the web, this blog is a blend of my writing experience, challenges, and joy. The title of my blog is “Don’t write, express”

Please find the attached file. And, let me know what you think about it.

Best wishes,

Your name


Share your work and let them decide because sometimes work speaks louder than words.

Hi Jenny,

This is Wayne from Ohio, I am a content writer and blogger by passion. I have my own website named I write awesome travel blogs and lifestyles; the same niche as yours. Let me know, if you find it interesting, I would be happy to write a blog for your website.

[Provide your direct link to your blog]

Thank you,

Your name.


A good speech and a good pitch always influence people. The way you present your work is way important than how your work is. What you remember is that you have to be short and clear in your pitch, because there are hundreds of others like you who approach the same person. So, how your Pitch can be the best from the rest should be your concern.

I hope this blog will help you give you new ideas and wish you will receive a positive response.

Happy Blogging!

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