Thrillax: Blend of Passion and Promotion

Welcome readers! You might be wondering why we’re deviating from our typical blog posts about marketing tips or digital platforms. Well, we wanted to take the time to share something special – the incredible Thrillax journey.

We invite you to come on this remarkable journey with us. We’ll begin to unravel the mystery and learn all the exciting details about Thrillax. From our humble beginnings to our current success, we’ll explore the highs and lows of our incredible story and discover what makes Thrillax so unique.

What is Thrillax, and how does it start?


Thrillax is a digital marketing company that offers strategic B2B marketing solutions. The name “Thrillax” is not just a name, but an emotion for us; it’s a combination of two words: “thrill” and “relax”. It also reflects our work culture, as everyone works with excitement and ease.

Thrillax was founded on 10th October 2018 with the vision of maintaining a presence in the digital marketing industry for the next 100 years. Our mission is to provide the best customer experience with thrilling marketing strategies to our clients, no matter how hard we have to work.

Here’s a photo we took at Thrillax’s third anniversary on October 10th, 2021.


Thrillax approach and its beliefs

  • We focus on one thing at a time, with intense dedication.
  • We would rather master one big project than many smaller ones.
  • We prefer to focus on one task that has multiple purposes, rather than multiple tasks. For example, we would choose to create one social media post that has a big impact, rather than many.
  • We believe in doing the best job possible, rather than doing it quickly.

Thrillax’s “Two options” concept


Making the Task Easier with Two Options for Design and Social Media Campaigns

When you go to a shop and the shopkeeper only shows you one dress, it can be quite disappointing. The same applies to Thrillax; when we have only one option, it’s hard to make a decision. But with two options, it’s become much faster and better.

For instance, Thrillax has set up a process where designers and writers give the client or their manager two choices. One option has either a ‘yes’ or changes, while the second option comes with feedback and shared opinions. This practice makes the decision-making process easier, faster, and more efficient.

What does Thrillax mean by “work for yourself, not for the company”?

At Thrillax, we believe that working for yourself, instead of for the company, will give your work your best effort. Taking any job as a task only limits your creativity and makes you work for the sake of simply completing it.

Therefore, working for yourself is directly proportional to working for the company; when you own your work as something that no one can take from you, it yields amazing results.

At Thrillax, we prioritize our employees’ happiness with their work, so that everyone can reach their full potential.

Are Thrillax’s employees happy and enjoy their work?

Working in Thrillax is a fun and unique experience. It brings back memories of your school and college days, when you and your friends would joke around and share stories to brighten up the day.

Thrillax is just like it was back then, except with “work” added to the mix.

“Laugh hard and work hard” is a motto that perfectly sums up Thrillax.

  • Employees are always up for any challenge, regardless of whether or not they succeed. They will give it their best shot.
  • If they can’t figure out a problem on their own, they ask their reporting head.
  • In addition to working hard, employees are encouraged to show off their skills and come up with fresh ideas.
  • Everyone loves doing their job, which is the most rewarding thing for Thrillax.

Take a peek at Thrillax employees enjoying their time in the office





Let’s find out what employees have to say about Thrillax and get an insight into their experiences.

The CEO is the trunk of the tree, with employees acting as its branches, completing it.

Now, let’s see what the founder and CEO of Thrillax and the other employees have in store for Thrillax.




We don’t aim for perfection in our work, but we do strive to be the best in the digital marketing industry. Our process and pattern make us stand out in our own unique way.

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Know us better

🧐 We find inspiration in the smallest pieces of information that may go unnoticed by others. For many people, website SEO can be intimidating. However, at Thrillax, we aim to change that perception by organizing, building, and managing your online assets with our expertise and passion.

We take charge, use our know-how to make things better, and always look for new ways to succeed. Doesn't it sound thrilling and relaxing at the same time?

Working with our small team of experts will be the best digital marketing agency experience that you ever have.

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