How Quora Marketing generates leads and plays an important role in your social strategy?

Quora has over 300+ million unique visitors monthly, said Ryan Brown, product and revenue at Quora.

Imagine a place where millions and millions of curios heads are gathered just to get the solution to their queries! and, whoever gives the best solution gets the best reward. This Place is known as Quora. Being a marketer, missing such an opportunity is not an option. Getting public attention has to be our first priority and what better place you may find other than Quora.

So, Let’s commence the journey by understanding Quora a bit By Thrillax POV!

Quora Facilitates an outstanding questionnaire service where you can answer and get a reach to over 300+ million users and businesses.

Below will be the Learning lesson. So, fasten your belt, and let’s get started

  1. How is it unique from the other platforms?
  2. How can you generate traffic through it?
  3. And, how do you gain qualified leads using Quora?


How Thrillax harnesses the lead-generating power of Quora marketing for your business.

What’s the first thing a lot of people tend to do these days when they have a problem? – They turn to Google for the answers!

Lately, you might have noticed when you Google a question, one of the websites that always seems to pop up with an answer is Quora. And if you are getting Quora in the search results, it is true for your customers as well.

What is Quora?

Quora is a very easy and simple question-and-answer platform where anyone can raise their question and receive an answer from a stranger. Besides, Quora is also emerging as a great marketing tool that can help businesses to reach a substantial audience on the internet.


How does Quora differ from other platforms?

If we compare quora with the yahoo answers, it appears with good quality content because Quora has an effective mechanism. Also, Less spam and logical questions make Quora a more authentic and reliable source of information. The cherry on the cake is that you may also add social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to quora.

In addition, Alexa says that quora is getting popular with each passing day, and owns the rank among the top 150 websites. Active writers, on average, have received 30,000 Monthly and 3,50,00 views yearly on quora. Moreover, frequent users have received 90K+ Views monthly and 1+ million Yearly.

Why do we recommend Quora marketing?

A report in Quantcast suggests Quora reaches around 29 million people each month in just the United States. It is a huge audience full of people who are searching for different answers. 


What advantages you will get from Quora Marketing?

  • A chance to educate people with your expertise, and wide exposure to the brand.
  • Expanding your horizon by learning different perspectives of industry experts, influencers, and customers.
  • Spread your industry knowledge, guide people with your clear and precise solution.
  • Quora is a great platform to obtain customer insights to increase your business.

You may also get featured on major publications like Forbes if you build a good reputation on Quora, what you need to take care of is, answer each and every question with passion and precision. It is worth noting that publications like Forbes are using source content directly from Quora. They are even using the answers straight as content on their websites.

Here is a glimpse of the above stated:


Besides Traffic, Quora is a great help to find trending content ideas that can support your brand to grow. Also, Quora marketing can be used to grow the reputation of someone who knows their stuff.

Our Quora Marketing strategy to boost your sales

Being marketing professionals we do know well how quora can be used to gain maximum benefits for content marketing?


An important part of planning Quora marketing is learning why it is a powerful lead-generating tool. Quora is really not the place where you can openly advertise your products or services unless you buy ads. But we can help you to build a personal brand through which you can influence buyer decisions.

Ads are outdated now, people get frustrated seeing ads, now there are even blocks in the market that prevent ads. So why not take a different path to reach your customers. And, there we come in as savior who knows how to use quora efficiently.

As people are increasingly tuning out the advertisement and they are looking for brands that add value to their lives. Customers turn to people who show that they are an authority in their industry. And what could be better than demonstrating it on a site where you can share the knowledge related to your business and things that you deal with every day.

We can assist you in connecting, relating, and building the trust of your customers. As your brand grows on Quora, we can help you reach more buyers and organically redirect them back to your business. Our strategy is more focused on customer targeting which is the need for competitive times.




We make you a Thought Leader

Perhaps it sounds like a vague recommendation, but it requires a great amount of hard work to be established as a thought leader and authority in your niche. And Quora marketing needs to create perfect answers, adding links, SEO answers, tracking, analyzing, and adapting to Quora Analytics


“One of the biggest problems on Quora is finding good questions to answer that can get you views and redirect users to your website.”

Our job is to help you choose the niche and answer the question in an ideal way that helps you engage with your customer. Now you must be thinking “how am I supposed to earn from this”?

There are two ways to earn from Quora

  • Organically – that means, direct the traffic straight to your sales page.
  • Paid advertising

Though it looks hard to sell to people with a Quora question, it can help grow trust in your brand. Quora Blogs can be useful for promoting a launch. We try to pique the customer’s interest in your blogs by providing engaging and valuable content for them.

How to Get Started to create awareness about a brand on Quora?

1. An Impactful Bio

What is the first thing you do when you meet a new person? You introduce yourself first. It says that the First impression is the last. indeed it’s true. Bio is the brief description of you or your brand that says how you are different from the others. Therefore, Your first job is to create a powerful bio that should reflect your individuality. However, there is one drawback; you may log in as an individual, not as a brand. So in that case, you need to identify who will be the best in your organizations that can represent your brand on Quora. 

Quora systematically takes the first 50 characters from the bio to generate a tagline that eventually shows above each answer you post. So, You may include your Company name in your Bio.

The other factors that enhance your bio are the about us section, your interest, education, and employment credentials as well as an impressive profile picture. Be clear and detailed describing these factors as it has a capacity to boost your profile on the next level.

2. Keep track of the topic

Quora is the Hub of questions, there are curious minds out there who are seeking an answer to the rational as well as the absurd questions. And if one is asking a question on google, mostly he or she will be landed on a Quora page. As a marketing representative, the first job is to track down which queries people have been raising often on quora and see whether they are getting the relevant and logical answer or not, and if not then be the one who can provide the excellent answer. As a result, your profile gets started being acknowledged by the readers, and eventually, it helps you reach more and more people.

3. Answer to Relevant Questions

Being a subject matter expert your first smart move should be choosing the relevant question. Because not every question you find is logical and worth answering so be cautious while selecting a question. Search your niche in the search box and filter out the recent and best one to answer. Try to sound more professional and intelligent throughout the answer because that’s how you can hook your reader till the end. 

4. Be crisp and clear while answering

Beating around the bush would not help here, come to the point fast.

In this fast-going world, no one prefers lengthy and wordy answers. Though on Quora people choose to be descriptive you will find precision and simplicity in their answer. Therefore, in order to reach maximum people, it’s imperative for a brand or an individual to answer the question in detail that covers all the important information that the reader wants to read.

Final Words

Quora marketing is a promising platform for marketing, you can hook with your audience by providing the perfect solution that they are looking for.  

One brand should take advantage of Quora marketing to enhance its business. We as digital marketing professionals highly recommend Quora where one can not only promote their brand but also educate people with their expertise. Furthermore, we are elated to discuss marketing strategy face-to-face for your brand over stimulating a cup of tea.

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