Top 6 effective Lead Nurturing tactics to implement in 2020

A survey conducted by suggests that more than one-third of businesses feel that above 50% of their qualified leads aren’t ready to buy. 

Lead nurturing is the deliberate method of engaging a set target audience by providing appropriate information at every stage of the customer’s journey. Every businessman wants to actively move the prospects generated due to the marketing and lead generation efforts to the stage where they become paying customers. 

There are a few tactics to nurture leads which Thrillax can help you with.  These tactics include targeted content, multi-channel nurturing, multiple touches, timely follow-ups, and personalization. Many businesses adopt inbound marketing as a way to generate more leads. The significance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes very clear.  But if you check the reality of the inbound leads, only a small percentage of your inbound leads will be ready to make an instant purchase.

We can support you to implement an effective lead nurturing strategy that can have a huge influence on the results of your inbound marketing strategy. Analysis conducted by Forrester has shown that marketers see an average 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured vs non-nurtured leads. Moreover, the research also exhibits that companies that exceed at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost.

But even after the clear benefits of lead nurturing, a very few businessmen actively nurture their sales leads. We find a huge opportunity for your business without a doubt to implement effective lead nurturing strategies and win an advantage over your rivals.

Now, you must be wondering

  • Which lead nurturing tactics work great?
  • What can you do differently for super-successful sales?
  • And how can you kickstart lead nurturing?

Let me share 6 absolutely powerful lead nurturing tactics to answer all your questions effectively.

1. Targeted content

You need targeted content to strategically nurturing your leads that can significantly improve the results of your inbound marketing. This may seem obvious but people are struggling with delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time. 

You need to know the buyer personas before using targeted content for lead nurturing, create an assortment of targeted content and have a marketing automation platform in a position to help you recognise, divide and target your different buyer personas as you ascend your inbound marketing strategy. Thrillax can help you with your goal to provide appropriate content that helps your leads and not just in selling them your product. 

2. Multi-channel lead nurturing

Previously, the lead nurturing strategies included establishing a simplistic email drip campaign that would send out general emails to a list of candidates. But this doesn’t work in the new era. According to a study, four out of five marketers say their email open rates don’t exceed 20%. This is due to a lack of effective lead nurturing. 

Entrepreneurs are looking for new lead nurturing tactics and technologies that go beyond the limits of email. We can help you with effective multi-channel lead nurturing with the backing of powerful marketing automation platforms. It basically involves a blend of marketing automation, email marketing, social media, paid retargeting, dynamic website content and direct sales outreach and hence you need to rely on an expert.

3. Multiple Touches 

Each buyer has their own different experience for every product and service. On average, prospects gain ten marketing touches from the time they start with the top of funnel until they’re a closed-won customer. A study from Demand Gen infers that 49% of marketers incorporate less than five touches in their lead nurturing applications (Source: 2015 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study).

We can assist you to revamp your lead nurturing efforts a bit. In addition to email tactics, we can employ a blend of content types like social media, blog posts, whitepapers, interactive calculators.

4. Appropriate Follow-Ups 

The advantages of quick follow-up calls appear quite obvious. But most businesses still aren’t responding very quickly. A recent report in Harvard Business Review outlined the shockingly delayed response times of most US-based organisations. 

  • The normal initial response time of B2B businesses to their leads was 42 hours
  • Only 37% of businesses replied to their leads within an hour
  • 24% of businesses took more than 24 hours
  • 23% of the firms never answered at all

Numerous research investigations have revealed, the probabilities of converting a lead into a sales opportunity are exponentially higher when the lead is contacted quickly after a website conversion.

5. Personalized emails

Email marketing remains the most efficient tactic for lead nurturing. The research consistently proves that personalized emails serve to offer notably better results than generic email bursts. A recent study by Experian showed that personalized emails can produce up to six times higher revenue per email than non-personalized campaigns do.

There are many ways of personalizing your emails to enhance your lead nurturing strategy. Sending triggered emails when the lead downloads your gated content, clicks on links in your emails, hits certain pages on your website, or when they illustrate a great engagement. Combining the strength of marketing personalization with behavioural triggered emails can help you to deliver the right marketing information to the right people, at accurately the right times.

6. Lead Scoring

A study about Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness conducted in 2013 unveiled, 68% of successful marketers indicate lead scoring based on content and engagement as the most powerful tactic for promoting revenue enrichment from lead nurturing. But another research shows that only 21% of B2B marketers are using lead scoring.

Lead scoring is basically a methodology used to prioritise prospects against a system that represents the observed value each lead represents to the organization. Lead scoring can be executed in various marketing automation platforms by allotting numerals to specific website browsing habits, conversion events, or even social media communications.

The resulting score is used to decide the lead to be followed up with immediately by a sales representative or which leads needs to be nourished further down the funnel. Based on this research, it appears as though lead scoring is an efficient lead nurturing tactic that most businesses aren’t taking advantage of yet.

In lead nurturing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach

As each lead is different, they need to be evaluated differently based on varied behaviours. So, you need to prepare a different set of questions every time. Your clients need to connect with you on social media, hear your opinion on your brand’s blog, and get updates from you through email.

Don’t get bewildered looking at so many things. We can help you to think omnichannel for your lead nurturing strategy. Just walk down to our office and talk to an expert. 


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