Level-up your marketing by doing Real-Time Marketing

  What is Real-Time marketing(RTM)? Responding in real-time, or near-real-time, is what real-time marketing is all about. It all comes down to crafting relevant messaging, which can be accomplished on social media by listening to and anticipating customer needs. Real-time marketing, in its most basic form, is concerned with current events, trends, or feedback.  Real-time […]

How Quora Marketing generates leads and plays an important role in your social strategy?

Quora has over 300+ million unique visitors monthly, said Ryan Brown, product and revenue at Quora. Imagine a place where millions and millions of curios heads are gathered just to get the solution to their queries! and, whoever gives the best solution gets the best reward. This Place is known as Quora. Being a marketer, […]

Get Started Your Business Marketing On Instagram By Your Own

One wrong move and we hit rock bottom. Everyone wants to do social media marketing on Instagram. On the contrary, making our profile more aesthetic than informative, we tend to neglect the entire concept for a social platform that was created; build and increase visibility.  In-between, we completely ignored all the astounding features social platforms […]

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