4 Core Challenges for Business Leaders in COVID-19 Crisis [+How to Fix It]

Let’s set this blog with clear expectations. Who should read this blog? This blog is going to be useful for the ● CEOs ● Chief Human Resources Officers(CHROs) ● Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) ● Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) Why? Because, in this blog, we have mentioned four challenges. Each of these challenges are associated […]

Top 6 effective Lead Nurturing tactics to implement in 2020

A survey conducted by databox.com suggests that more than one-third of businesses feel that above 50% of their qualified leads aren’t ready to buy.  Lead nurturing is the deliberate method of engaging a set target audience by providing appropriate information at every stage of the customer’s journey. Every businessman wants to actively move the prospects […]

Importance of starting app marketing in the development phase

Millions of apps are available on the app store and play store these days. But not all apps are able to create a buzz and earn good profits. Have you ever thought, why? You are unlikely to find the reason if you just watch things from a distance. We decided to take a deeper look […]

How can restaurants use social media to increase footfalls?

People are affirming smartphones as a part of their lives along with emerging technologies. In today’s world, no one has the time and patience to check out the newspapers and yellow pages. So, it is time to change the long-established ideas, join the bandwagon and get digital. When it comes to the restaurant business and […]

The 4 Ps of the digital world that will remodel your digital marketing strategy

Most of the industries experienced their methods and practices been turned upside-down by the internet. One of them is marketing which has arguably experienced and enjoyed major changes. Marketing has become so good with its newest tools like customer profiling, response analysis, transactional messaging, recommendation engines. But have you ever imagined how much the new […]

How do SEO, digital marketing and customer experience go hand-in-hand?

Nike has recently opened a new flagship store in New York. It is called the Nike House of Innovation 000. The store embraces technology and digitalization along with selling the wider shoe assortment of the brand. The digitalization includes swoosh customization, QR codes, prompt checkout, pickup area, Sneakerlab and much more. While the business is […]

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